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The perfect mix

The fondue backpack

The nostalgic fondue backpack is the must-have for this unforgettable outdoor experience. It contains creamy classic or aromatic truffle fondue from local dairies, crispy fondue bread from local bakeries, spices, caquelon, rechaud with fuel paste as well as plates and forks.
The fondue backpack is available for 2 or more people.

Now also available with raclette!
The raclette rucksack is equipped in the same way as the fondue rucksack but of course with raclette cheese instead of fondue. The easy-to-use Vulcano oven, without electricity, allows you to enjoy your raclette outdoors. The rucksack is available from one person for CHF 18. Matching wine or other drinks are available in the dairies.

How does it work?

The fondue backpack can be ordered the day before from the following dairies during opening hours (online ordering possible up to 2 days in advance):
Molkerei Schönried: order online
Molkerei Gstaad: order online
Molkerei Zweisimmen: order online
Fromage & Pain Saanen: +41 33 744 17 92

Available in Gstaad, Saanen and Schönried on Sundays if ordered the day before (online up to 2 days in advance).

After enjoying the fondue: pack up the rubbish and return the rucksack to the serving point. It is possible to return the rucksack after closing time, please discuss this in advance with the serving point.

Black fondue caquelon and bread in a giant wooden fondue caquelon, against a wintry backdrop of trees and mountains.

Fondue in a caquelon

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©  (c) Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus / Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus

Two fondue options to choose from

The price includes the hire of the complete fondue equipment. Suitable wine, for example a light, fruity Chasselas, is available in the dairies.

  • House blend classic
    CHF 18.00 per person

  • House blend truffle
    CHF 21.00 per person

Site plan and GPS tour

We love to socialise. The caquelons and huts cannot be reserved. Sliding together and chatting with your table neighbours is encouraged.

Top view of a table with black fondue caquelon and a loaf of bread.

fondueland – fondue pot

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The fondue carriage

Fondueland Gstaad is mobile: Johann von Grünigen's horse-drawn carriage goes on tour with a covered and heated fondue wagon for a maximum of 20 people. The fondue mix is supplied by Michel's Stallbeizli. The carriage can be booked all year round.

To the "cheese whisperer" in the cheese grotto

And where does the precious gold of the Alps secretly ripen? Between cooling rock faces at seven degrees Celsius, underground, well hidden. The Gstaad cheese grotto is the cheese ripening storehouse for more than 3000 wheels and is located in the municipality's former water reservoir. Climb 8 metres down the steep wooden steps to find out interesting facts about Berner Hobelkäse AOP and its origins. If you would like to book an expert guided tour with aperitif, you can do so all year round at the Gstaad dairy. 

In a high room, you can see countless cheese wheels on 8 levels to the right, left and front. In front of them are candlesticks with glowing candles and a beautifully laid table with an aperitif. A large crystal sits on a barrel.

The gold of the Gstaad holiday region

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Delicious Gstaad mountain cheese with herbs.

Delicious Gstaad mountain cheese with herbs.

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Dairies in the region

A small region with great cheeses, such as the impressive variety of Hobelkäse AOP. Unspoilt nature, lush meadows, fresh herbs and proud cows make all the difference. You can find the right cheese in the dairies in the Gstaad holiday region. A paradise for cheese lovers.

A portion of cheese

Gstaad dairy company owner René Ryser infront of a cheese kettle.

René Ryser infront of a dairy pot.

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