Frequently Asked Questions

We answer frequently asked questions about the Gstaad Card here.

What is the Gstaad Card?

The Gstaad Card is your personal, digital guest card for your stay in the Destination Gstaad. From the first night, you will benefit from numerous advantages and discounts, which can be booked easily and conveniently, among other items, in the online shop. Discover all the experiences for your perfect stay at

Who is entitled to the Gstaad Card?

As an overnight guest or a second residence owner in the Destination Gstaad, you are entitled to the Gstaad Card so you can enjoy many benefits in and outside the Destination Gstaad. As an overnight guest, you will receive a Gstaad Card valid for your stay (incl. arrival & departure day, the Gstaad Card cannot be used for arrival and/or departure (public transport)). As a second home owner, you and your family are entitled to annual cards, unless you are registered in the same municipality as where your second home is located.

Does every guest need an individual Gstaad Card?

Yes, each guest will receive a separate personal Gstaad Card.

Is the Gstaad Card also available for children?

Children from 6 to 12 years will receive a «Saani Card» (Gstaad Card for children).
Children under 6 years of age will not receive a Gstaad Card. They do not, however, pay for most services (public transport, mountain railways, etc.).

Can I also get a Gstaad Card for my dog?

No, dogs are not entitled to the Gstaad Card. 
Dogs travel free of charge on the cable cars. For public transport, a ticket must be purchased.

Can I also get a Gstaad Card as a day guest?

No, the Gstaad Card is only available for overnight guests and owners of second homes.

Where can I get the Gstaad Card as a guest?

As a guest you will receive the Gstaad Card from your host. The link to register for the Gstaad Card will be sent to you by e-mail before your arrival. So you can prepare for your stay.
If you don’t receive it, contact your host or get the Gstaad Card when you arrive at your accommodation.

What form is the Gstaad Card issued in?

When you stay in a holiday appartment (only if bookable via Gstaad Saanenland Tourism), a Bed & Breakfast, in one of most hotels or on a campsite, you will receive access via e-mail to the «Concierge myGstaad», your digital holiday companion. In the «Concierge myGstaad», you can activate and use your digital Gstaad card(s) - see instructions.
If you are staying in group accommodation or the above does not apply, you will receive the digital Gstaad Card with the corresponding QR code(s) by e-mail and can either:

  • download it conveniently to your smartphone
  • print it out at home

The QR code is scanned by the service providers when the offer is redeemed.
There are two QR codes (1x Gstaad Card & 1 x public transport pass).

Do I have to set up a «Concierge myGstaad» account and activate the Gstaad Card(s) in it?

We recommend (if received from your host) using « Concierge myGstaad», our digital holiday companion. This will also give you details of all Gstaad Card benefits, and you’ll be able to book experiences directly (Gstaad Card data can be retrieved directly if you book online). The «Concierge myGstaad» will also help you to find available activities, routes & tours, events etc. and plan your stay.
If you decide not to do so and do not activate the Gstaad Card(s), you will either receive the Gstaad Card(s) by e-mail or on arrival, depending on the host.

Can I also print out the Gstaad Card if I have activated it in «Concierge myGstaad»?

Basically, the Gstaad Card is digital. It can also be used offline in «Concierge myGstaad» (no need to load it into the wallet).
If you have activated the Gstaad Card in «Concierge myGstaad» but would also like to have it in printed form, then please contact your host.

How can I obtain the Gstaad Card as a second home owner?

As a second home owner, you can order digitally a personal annual Gstaad Card for yourself and your family on under «Second home owners» using the access data you received with your visitor's tax invoice. The annual cards are issued directly upon registration and sent by e-mail to the provided address.

How can I book the experiences and offers?

You can book the experiences directly via the online shop, in the Concierge myGstaad or in the tourist office, book them with the provider or redeem them directly at the location (see

I would like to book a Gstaad Card experience but have not yet received my Gstaad Card. Is it still possible?

A valid Gstaad Card is required to book a Gstaad Card experience. Contact your host to receive the Gstaad Card for your booked stay in advance.

How is a purchased service added to the Gstaad Card?

If a service is booked in the online shop or at the tourist office, it is booked directly via the QR code of the Gstaad Card and you can redeem it with the provider.

How and where can I use the included and purchased experiences?

The QR code is scanned by the service providers when you redeem the offer.

Why is there an additional QR code for public transport?

Public transport uses a QR code specially designed for this purpose.
This contains additional security features that only public transport is allowed to use.

Why does the QR code for the public transport not work, even though the Gstaad Card is still valid?

Did you already have a Gstaad Card before and was the previous public transport QR code still in your Wallet?
Please note that the QR codes saved in the Wallet become invalid after your stay and must therefore be manually erased from the Wallet.
On a further visit to the Destination Gstaad, save the new QR code in the Wallet and travel solely with this one.

Do I have to buy a ticket for the train despite the Gstaad Card?

365 days public transport is included, meaning you do not need to purchase a ticket, showing the Gstaad Card will suffice.
As dogs are not entitled to the Gstaad Card, depending on the size of the dog, a ticket must be purchased.
A ticket must also be purchased for the transport of bicycles/bikes. Please note the instructions.

Can the Junior Card/Semi-Fare Card/GA/SwissTravel Pass be combined with the Gstaad Card?