Getting there & around

Sustainable and memorable mobility on arrival and during your stay

Thanks to its central location in the heart of Europe and excellent transport links within Switzerland, the holiday region Gstaad is quick and easy to travel to. And with the public transport, the journey itself is already an memorable experience.

Those travelling from further afield should plan a longer visit: this enhances relaxation, protects the environment and strengthens local added value.

Locally, the public transport network connects all the villages and side valleys in the region and, thanks to the manageable size of the region, most destinations are within easy reach. By foot or even by bike for the adventurous in winter.

With the Gstaad Card, public transport in the region is free all year round for all overnight guests!

Central location

Direct connections to the European high-speed train network and to all international airports in Switzerland guarantee a time-saving and pleasant journey.

©  (c) Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus / Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus
A dark blue/white train composition leaves a village and travels through a snowy landscape. The train consists of five cars.

Train in winter

©  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 unbekannt / MOB

Travel by train

From the Bern region (western and northern Switzerland, central Switzerland, Germany)
Bern - Spiez - Zweisimmen - Saanenmöser - Schönried - Gstaad - Saanen

  • Direct ICE and EC connection from Germany to Bern/Spiez
  • Direct trains Bern - Zweisimmen
  • Direct trains Interlaken - Spiez - Zweisimmen - Gstaad - Montreux

From the Valais region (Italy) 
Domodossola - Brig - Spiez - Zweisimmen - Saanenmöser - Schönried - Gstaad - Saanen

  • Direct trains Spiez - Zweisimmen - Gstaad - Montreux

From the Lausanne region (Western Switzerland)
Geneva - Lausanne - Montreux - Saanen - Gstaad - Schönried - Saanenmöser - Zweisimmen

  • Direct trains Montreux - Gstaad - Zweisimmen - Spiez - Interlaken

Travel by train (international)

Direct from Paris, Milan, Hamburg and Co. right into the centre of the Alpine nation - comfortably and several times a day. Most international trains have a dining car or bistro, electricity connections and newspaper service. This is sure to get your Swiss holidays off to a relaxed start.

Travel by car

From the Bern region, western and northern Switzerland
Motorway A6 Bern-Spiez
Exit Wimmis
Main road (Simmental) to Boltigen-Zweisimmen-Saanen-Gstaad

From the central Switzerland region
Motorway A8 to Interlaken
Main road to Spiez
A6 motorway to Wimmis
Main road (Simmental) to Boltigen-Zweisimmen-Saanen-Gstaad

From the Valais region
Motorway A9 Sierre-Lausanne
Exit Aigle
Main road Col du Pillon-Gsteig-Gstaad

From the Lausanne region, Western Switzerland
Motorway A9/A12 Lausanne-Vevey-Bern
Bulle exit
Main road to Château d'Oex-Saanen-Gstaad

Aus der Region Lausanne, Westschweiz 
Autobahn A9/A12 Lausanne-Vevey-Bern
Ausfahrt Bulle
Hauptstrasse nach Château d'Oex-Saanen-Gstaad

Travel by plane

From Zurich-Kloten
From Zurich-Kloten airport, Gstaad can be reached by train in approx. 3:15 hours and by car in approx. 3 hours.

From Geneva-Cointrin
From Geneva-Cointrin Airport, Gstaad can be reached by train in 2:50 hours and by car in 2 hours.

From Bern Airport
From Bern Airport the journey by train takes approx. 2:30 hours, by car approx. 1:30 hours.

Saanen Airport
There are air taxi connections to and from Gstaad Airport in Saanen in the Gstaad holiday region to many national and international destinations.

©  (c) Philipp Dubach / Unsplash