Welcome to Gstaad, a top dining destination

A treat for the taste buds

The holiday region is a paradise for keen foodies and those who love alpine authenticity. Creative chefs delight diners with a tempting variety of culinary experiences. The Gstaad holiday region is one of the hottest gourmet destinations in the Alpine region. Come up, slow down – staying here is the perfect opportunity to relax and indulge. Foodies worldwide flock here for delicious cuisine with exquisite flavours, skilful cooking and cosy, traditional restaurants. And it’s got the accolades to back it up: our restaurant scene boasts the highest density of GaultMillau points in Alpine Switzerland.

Portrait of Urs Heller leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

Urs Heller

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Urs Heller, Editor-in-Chief GaultMillau

«With 308 GaultMillau points, cosy restaurants and lots of wonderful sun terraces to choose from, the Saanenland is seventh heaven for foodies»

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Whatever the season, there’s nothing better than sitting down to eat with friends and family in an intimate setting. With over 100 restaurants, there’s something for everyone. The diversity of Gstaad’s restaurant scene is second to none: with everything from cosy inns to charming fondue bars and tearooms for coffee and cake, you simply can’t go wrong. 

Fine dining

With a total of 308 GaultMillau points and three Michelin stars, the Gstaad region and the Rougemont area nearby are jewels of the culinary scene. Indeed, Gstaad has become so renowned as a dining destination that foodies flock here from abroad to eat. And rightly so: the ambitious teams of chefs conjure up chic culinary delights that delight the eye and the taste buds in equal measure.

Alpine specialities like bread, sausage and cheese are laid out.

Eating out in Gstaad

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Rustic alpine huts

The unique hospitality and homemade delicacies of mountain farms are one of the main attractions of this region for outdoor enthusiasts. For the ultimate alpine experience, there’s nothing better than getting produce straight from the source. Cheese and bread taste delicious eaten on mountain pastures, while drinking in the glorious views.

Mountain restaurants

High above the valley, mountain restaurants and their sun terraces are the perfect place to relax and indulge after a long hike. Gaze out over the endless views from the sun terrace as a succession of delicious food arrives. This is peak alpine enjoyment.

A couple sits on a sun terrace of a mountain restaurant, enjoys a cheese and meat platter and toasts with a glass of white wine, with a mountain panorama in the background.

Soaking up the sun on the terrace of a mountain restaurant

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A small mountain lake in the foreground, with a giant fondue caquelon and a panoramic mountain backdrop beyond.

Delicious food in the great outdoors.

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The secret’s out: speciality cheeses from the Gstaad holiday region are now world-famous. Some 11000 cows from 350 farms provide the finest milk. For a laid-back fondue experience with glorious views, look no further than our six giant caquelons and two fondue huts set amid lush meadows and ringed by mountains. Head here with a fondue backpack from local dairies for an authentic, easygoing fondue experience.

Culinary events

From traditional festivals and regional customs to cooking classes for kids and fine dining events with top chefs, the Gstaad holiday region offers an array of culinary experiences for every taste.

A group of people standing on the terrace on the Wasserngrat in fine weather and enjoying an aperitif.

Terrace on the Wasserngrat

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Six different types of cheese are presented on a platter. Each cheese is labelled with a sign. Charme de Möser and Gstaader Rahmli are white soft cheeses. Hornbergmutschli and Gstaader-Bergkäse are already hard cheeses. The last two cheeses cannot be clearly identified.

Regional products from the Gstaad holiday region

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Alpine and regional products

Make sure you try our local specialities for a unique taste experience. From sweet, piquant Saanen mustard to creamy golden honey, these regional products are made with traditional craftsmanship and the pristine nature of the Alps. Sustainable production and loving craft create products that delight with their quality and distinctive character.

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