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Hiking Rinderberg - Horneggli


Hiking Delights in Summer

The scent of summer in the holiday region Gstaad. The soft rippling of a mountain stream, the smell of a blooming summer meadow embedded in green forests and imposing mountain ranges – one can literally feel the gentle wind and warming rays of sunshine on the skin. The hiking trails in the Destination Gstaad take you through some very varied scenery. Along the way you will discover moorlands, deep gorges, Alpine valleys, high mountain peaks and, of course, the beautifully located Alpine restaurants. With more than 300 km of signposted and well maintained trails and paths, the holiday region of Gstaad is a veritable paradise for hikers.

Top Hikes in Summer

Noel von Grünigen wearing his swimming trunks and standing on a paddle board on Lake Arnen.

Enjoy an active summer with insider tips from Noel von Grünigen.

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Noel von Grünigen - Swiss ski racer from Zweisimmen

«I love discovering new routes, mountains and trails that offer breathtaking views of our picturesque landscape.»