A couple hikes along a beautiful path up to a peak, surrounded by an autumnal mountain panorama. ©  (c) Nicole Schafer / Suisse Tourisme

Autumn hike on the Rinderberg trail


Hiking Delights in Autumn

As the air cools, summer comes to an end and the colourful autumn awakens. When hiking in the mountains in autumn, your gaze wanders into the distance, the scent of falling leaves and woodfire smoke is in the air. This is the last chance to soak up the warming rays of the sun for the winter. The hiking trails in the Destination Gstaad take you through some very varied scenery. Along the way you will discover moorlands, deep gorges, Alpine valleys, high mountain peaks and, of course, the beautifully located Alpine restaurants. With more than 300 km of signposted and well maintained trails and paths, the holiday region of Gstaad is a veritable paradise for hikers.

Hiking Tips for Autumn

Oberberg loop - More
©  (c) Ferienregion Gstaad / Ferienregion Gstaad
2:40 h
6,9 km
525 hm
Oberberg loop
Hiking Trail
Lauenensee Loop Trail - More
©  (c) Destination Gstaad / Yannick Romagnoli / Ferienregion Gstaad
45 min
3,1 km
23 hm
Lauenensee Loop Trail
Hiking Trail
Francesco Piemontesi is taking in the beauty of the nature around him.

Pianist Francesco Piemontesi

©  (c) Timon Rupp / ©Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus
Francesco Piemontesi - Swiss star pianist and Gstaad connoisseur

«I find the nature here amazing. It's lovely and the mountains are very close.»