Two women and a man riding their electric mountain bikes along the Schneit Trail, with the Mittelberg Pass in sight. The trail is wide and earthy-brown. There are a few purple flowers in the foreground, out of focus. ©  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Moritz Ablinger / ©Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus

The Schneit Trail on the 890 Rellerli Bike Route


Cycling Delights in Spring

Spring in Gstaad envelops cyclists in an enchanting atmosphere. The gentle babble of a mountain stream accompanies the ride, while the awakening nature seduces the senses with its unmistakable aroma. The once snow-covered forests turn into a lush green, surrounded by majestic mountain ranges, some still white. Here, you can feel the gentle wind brushing through the valleys and the warming rays of the sun tickling your skin.

Cycling Tips for Spring

Patrick Bauer on his racing bike

Patrick Bauer on his racing bike

©  (c) Patrick Bauer / Patrick Bauer
Patrick Bauer - passionate biker, board member of BEBike, Head of Destination Development & Sustainability at Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus

«From enjoyable to sporty, the routes and trails in Gstaad are varied and diverse.»