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A treat for the taste buds

Whether you’re eating out with friends, family, as a couple or alone, you’ll be spoilt for choice by the 100-plus restaurants in the region. There’s something for everyone and every occasion among Gstaad’s wide range of dining experiences, from cosy inns to charming fondue bars and tearooms for coffee and cake. Local specialities delight guests from all over the world. Across the region, teams of chefs conjure up a variety of taste experiences using the very finest ingredients and consummate expertise. With every type of cuisine from traditional to cutting-edge and on-trend, your taste buds are guaranteed a treat in the Gstaad holiday region. 

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Tobia Ciarulli, long-serving Head Chef at the Hotel Olden and manager of the Swiss Culinary National Teams.

«Celebrities and prominent figures flock to Gstaad. Top-class restaurants celebrate simple, family cuisine at every level – and that’s something that the locals appreciate, too. I love going to restaurants where the food is fresh and simple.»

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A gold medal winner in fine dining

With 20 gold medals and 19 years as Head Chef at the Hotel Olden on the Gstaad Promenade under his belt, Tobia Ciarulli knows exactly what high-profile diners are looking for. The more local the ingredients, the shorter the distance that produce has to travel to the stove. Ciarulli believes that this makes the local delicacies superbly fresh.

Magic in the forest: mushroom-picking trips with Bert Inäbnit

As summer slowly draws to a close, mushroom season is fast approaching. And in Saanenland, one man is counting down the days: Bert Inäbnit. As a keen mushroom collector and author of more than 35 books on the subject, he loves sharing his extensive knowledge with other fans of fungi. Read on for more about Bert Inäbnit’s love of mushrooms and his exclusive mushroom-picking trips.

Man showing a sliced half mushroom cupped in his hands.

Bert Inäbnit holding out a sliced mushroom

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