Trummer & Valeska Steiner@ Fabrik3770

01.11.2024 , Friday

The statement ‘You are not alone’ is both reassuring and unsettling in equal measure. You're not alone - because somewhere in the world there's bound to be another freak who likes the orange part of the rocket ice cream best, always dreams sex scenes in Italian and has never questioned at home why you've never been handed different bowls for the Guetsli dough and the stomach flu. But it also means that you are not alone in your exceptionality. It hurts about as much as an unexpected child's foot on your nose, but this programme is a plaster. In one size fits all. ♥

By and with Olivia El Sayed. Directed by Reeto von Gunten. A production by Atelieer.

‘Aren't we all just like everyone else, if only because we all don't want to be like everyone else?’ asks Olivia El Sayed, hitting us like a child's foot on the nose. After all, who wants to be average? 0814 - Leben am Durchschnitt is a cheerful celebration of mediocrity and the fact that although we may all be very individual in our quest for individuality, happiness and two identical socks on our feet, we are all part of a very large group of endearingly average people. The author reads, tells and illustrates, all based on her keen powers of observation, accompanied by quiet poetry and loud laughter. And so the audience goes home not only with new insights, but also with a little love letter to themselves in their pockets. After more than 30 performances, Olivia El Sayed's debut programme ‘flowery wordis’ was shown for the last time in spring 2023. The author wrote a serialised novel for the NZZ am Sonntag, which was published in a modified form as her second book ‘Scheidungskinderclub’. Olivia El Sayed was born in Winterthur in 1981 and lives with her family on the outskirts of Zurich.

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