Three sledders go down a large, perfectly groomed sledding run from the Wispile towards the valley, with a view of the mountains. ©  (c) Melanie Uhkoetter / Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus

Sledding on the Wispile



Whiz downhill on your sledge as you feel the driving snow on your face – if you love sledding then Gstaad with its nine sledding runs is the perfect place to be. And there are several mountain restaurants and snow bars along the way where you can relax and take a break.

Top Runs

Eggli Run NR. 721 - More
©  (c) Destination Gstaad / Yannick Romagnoli / Ferienregion Gstaad
1:30 h
6,4 km
4 hm
Eggli Run NR. 721
Horneggli Run NR. 724 - More
©  (c) Destination Gstaad / Melanie Uhkoetter / Ferienregion Gstaad
30 min
3,4 km
96 hm
Horneggli Run NR. 724
Skier Katrin Haldi smiles softly as she enjoys the sun on her face during a lift ride.

Skier Katrin Haldi on the lift

©  (c) Melanie Uhkoetter / ©Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus
Katrin Haldi – Marketing Executive at Gstaad Saanenland Tourism

«Gstaad is a dream for sledding fans. From gentle routes to thrilling runs, there’s something for everyone here.»