Alp Bodme

The untere Bodme alp is located near the Wispile middle station at 1600 m above sea level. At the untere Bodme alp you have the opportunity to watch the cheese production. And to top it all off, you can taste the homemade cheese on the spot. To complete the experience at the alp, you can visit the barn and pet the animals.

In July, the family will spend three weeks on a slightly higher alpine pasture at 1800 meters above sea level.

The stable visits will take place in the morning.

Please register at least one day in advance.

Price: CHF 8.00

To reach the alp, you have to take the Wispile gondola to the middle station. From there it is another 10 minutes walk. You can also take the gondola to the Wispile mountain inn and from there follow the cheese trail for 30 minutes to the alp.