Alp Turnels

Alp Turnels takes place at 1900 meters height in the "washbasin" of Turnelsbachertals. The guests spend the night on mattresses in the hayloft over the cowshed. The fresh alpine air wakes the appetite for a substantial "Älplerzmorge" (alpine breakfast). Alp Turnels is open from the beginning of July till the end of August.

Half board

Type of accommodation
Holidays on the alps

- Accommodation for a maximum of 11 persons
- Sleeping bag available
- To sleep on the hay

- Whey bath
- Cheese making
- Sale of mountain cheese and dried meat

-> Overnight stay and whey bath only on request!

How to get to Alp Turnels: from the car park at the Wasserngrat valley station take the hiking trail in the direction of Obere Turnels for 1.5 hours. If the Wasserngrat ropeway is running, you can also reach Alp Turnels from the Wasserngrat mountain station by taking the hiking trail in the direction of Turnels.