Berghaus Wispile

Cozy Mountain Lodge with Stunning 360° Views High Above Gstaad at 1915 m A.S.L.

A paradise for families and children and the perfect starting point for winter sports, sledding adventures, and extensive panoramic hikes in both winter and summer. At Berghaus Wispile, you’ll experience the theme of alpine cheese and alpine life up close: "Ds Chalb mache" is more than just a saying here, and on the "Kuhl to know" discovery tour, you’ll find out what the spa town has to do with cows and what hobbies the 70 Wispile cow ladies enjoy most in their free time. Enjoy local specialties that invite you to savor delightful moments, and have exciting times on the alpine bowling alley.


Experience coziness, attentive hospitality, and a selection of local specialties. Berghaus Wispile is also ideal for various events, offering several rooms with up to 150 seats.

The large sun terrace can accommodate 150 people, and sun loungers are available for sun seekers. Additionally, there is an entertaining informational tour about life on the alp.