2. Gstaad Velo Classic

15.09.2024 , Sunday

The "Bergkönig" has moved on. But the spirit of vintage cycling lives on.
On the road like in the good old cycling days: Over potholes, but with a smile on your face, you can continue to enjoy the vintage cycling together with like-minded people in Gstaad at the "Gstaad Velo Classic".

The "Gstaad Velo Classic" in and around Gstaad is an enjoyable ride with appropriately fine catering in uniquely beautiful scenery. With gorgeous views, gravel and potholes, but also local specialities, this vintage event is a must for every vintage bicycle fan.

We would like to spend the bike ride together, chatting along the way, taking photos, changing flat wheels and then meeting up again at the intermediate stops. Everyone rides at his or her own pace, in a group or alone. What counts is the shared experience and not the speed. But those who want to ride fast and climb the steep hills in record time even with big gear ratios are also very welcome. And with the additional loops, they will have more metres in altitude and burning calves.

Participation fee: CHF 50.-
Reservation required