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The world at your feet - SAC huts

There’s almost nothing better than winding up at a cosy mountain hut after a long hike. The SAC huts in the region offer a wonderful chance to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Berner Oberland and to meet other hikers. Whether you are hiking alone or in a group, the huts give you the chance to make new friends and enjoy nature at its best.

Grubenberghütte SAC

The Grubenberghütte is a popular destination for hikers and climbers. As it’s easily accessible, the cosy guest house at the foot of the Gastlosen mountains is also suitable for families with children.

  • 1840 metres abvoe sea level
  • 23 beds
  • Staffed on weekends from May to October
  • Continuously staffed throughout July and August.

Geltenhütte SAC

Starting at the idyllic Lauenensee, an impressive mountain experience awaits as you head past wild gorges and the thundering Geltenschuss waterfall. 

  • 2002 metres above sea level
  • 75 Beds
  • Mostly staffed from March to October

Fromatthütte SAC

The Fromatthütte is located in the stunning Spillgerten nature reserve above Blankenburg. 

  • 1800 metres above sea level
  • 20 Beds
  • Mostly self-catering.
  • Staffed on weekends from June to September. 

Wildhornhütte SAC

Fantastic views from the hut, located at the foot of the Wildhorn mountain in the magical Gelten-Iffigen nature reserve. 

  • 2303 metres above sea level
  • 96 Beds 
  • The hut is mostly staffed from March to September. 
  • Partly open in winter. 

Wildstrubelhütte SAC

Destination for mountain hikers, ski tours and very experienced mountain bikers. Located directly before the Wildhorn glacier. 

  • 2789 metres above sea level
  • 68 Beds
  • The hut is staffed from July to September.
  • Partly staffed from February to April for ski tours. 

Cabane des Diablerets SAC

With stunning views of the Col du Pillon, this hut is also located close to lots of climbing and hiking routes, as well as a via ferrata. 

  • 2486 metres above sea level
  • 32 Beds
  • Mostly staffed from January to October.

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