Two cross-country skiers enjoying a blissful trail on Sparenmoos in sunny and gloriously snowy conditions. ©  (c) Yannick Romagnoli / ©Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus

Cross-country skiing on Sparenmoos


Sparenmoos - a truly fabulous cross-country skiing area for everyone

This winter the best cross-country skiers will be competing against one another at the Swiss cross-country skiing championships in Sparenmoos. That’s why we would like to introduce you to this beautiful place. We want to take you with us during our visit to Sparenmoos where you will meet Brigitte and Bruno Hammer. They are a part of the organizing committee and will share more about their favourite area and naturally more about the upcoming sports event in this blog.

The sun transforms the snow into a sparkling glittering landscape, your lungs fill up with cold air, and you gaze over snow-covered mountains and forests. Can you already picture yourself in Sparenmoos? The beautiful area above Zweisimmen has long been popular among cross-country skiing lovers and also attracts nature lovers as well.

The Hammers

Before we begin our trip to the high plateau, we would like to introduce the Hammers. Cross-country skiing is their passion and thanks to sports, Brigitte and Bruno were quickly integrated into their new home some 40 years ago. As sports lovers, they have both been active in various institutions and clubs since years. One of them is the Sparenmoos Pro Race, a club that plans, organizes and runs the cross-country skiing events, such as the Swiss championships. For this couple, one thing is clear: living in the recreation area of the holiday region Gstaad is an absolute privilege. Whenever there is a moment of free time in winter, you will find them on the skis. The events give them the opportunity to present their favourite place and share that which they love – cross-country skiing – with others.

Wearing their cross-country skiing gear, Brigitte and Bruno Hammer stand in front of a snowy mountain landscape.

Brigitte and Bruno Hammer.

©  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Yannick Romagnoli / ©Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus

The Sparenmoos

Having arrived in Sparenmoos, it’s clear why the region attracts so many winter athletes. It’s high enough to be snow-secure, it offers 35 km of top groomed slopes, not to mention the wonderful view onto Simmen Valley and Saanenland. Thanks to the different kinds of routes, the area has something for everyone, whether beginner or professional.

What’s Brigitte’s favourite trail? She laughs and says, “It depends on the shape I am in, the variety is what makes the difference.” Bruno doesn’t have a favourite trail either, but “On the challenging Shiltenegg trail, I can really enjoy the peace and nature.” However, both agree that a perfect cross-country skiing day consists of “Freshly pressed trails, steel-blue skies and relaxing with a hot punch on the terrace of Muma Beizli or Site Alp.” Do you now want to come too? If you don’t yet feel comfortable on the narrow skis, then the Hammers recommend a winter hike as an alternative. Here you can enjoy plenty of views onto the nice, open landscape – that’s a promise!

Brigitte and Bruno Hammer look out over the snow-covered Saanenland. ©  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Yannick Romagnoli / ©Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus

Brigitte and Bruno Hammer in front of the snowy mountains of the Saanenland.

Two people glide along the freshly groomed cross-country ski trail in Sparenmoos. ©  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Yannick Romagnoli / ©Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus

Freshly groomed cross-country ski trail in Sparenmoos.


The cross-country skiing sport

Before both of these passionate cross-country skiers moved to the Bernese Oberland, they lived in the Engadin for a while. “There, this sport was unavoidable.” Is cross-country skiing difficult? “It’s not that difficult and easy to learn for all ages. What you need is good balance – a lot of people already have this from skiing, skating or biking”, explains Brigitte and talks about how she got started. “At that time, there was only classical cross-country skiing with waxed or fur skis. Back then, I always had trouble finding the right wax for the repulsion zone. As the skating style became popular, I quickly found it to be a great alternative. With today’s selection of good fur skis, I will have another go at classical cross-country skiing.” Today, there are two styles: classical and skating. “Both techniques combine gliding on a trail. I find the classical technique somewhat easier, as it reflects our natural forward movement. Depending on the terrain, both techniques can be challenging”, says Bruno.

It's best to introduce this sport to young cross-country skiers in a playful manner – an easy trail with small obstacles. In the middle of the trail is then a “fox’s den”, a place that gives kids the chance to take a break or to enjoy some food from the grill.

Brigitte and Bruno Hammer glide over the cross-country ski trail in Sparenmoos, with a view of the mountains beyond.

Brigitte and Bruno Hammer cross-country skiing.

©  CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Yannick Romagnoli / ©Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus

The swiss championships

Dass die Herzen von Brigitte und Bruno für das Sparenmoos und die Destination Gstaad schlagen, ist dir nach unserem Ausflug nach Zweisimmen mittlerweile wahrscheinlich klar. Brigitte and Bruno’s love for the Sparenmoos and the destination Gstaad is probably pretty obvious to you after our trip to Zweisimmen. With lots of passion, they want to share their love for the area and the wonderful trails. But what exactly motivates them to help with the organisation the cross-country skiing championships? “We really look forward showing youth and sports lovers a great competition and giving them an unforgettable experience, so that they end up talking about the region long after the event and that they get to know and appreciate the Sparenmoos as a great recreation area.”

At the end of our conversation, we can hardly wait to ask this one question: will Swiss cross-country skiing stars like Nadine Fähndrich or Dario Cologna take part in the championships? “We’ll only know that shortly before the event”. Do you want to learn more about the cross-country skiing championships?

Here you will find all the information you need. Already now you can note the dates in your agenda: