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Lauenen - Lake Lauenen (loop)

8,56 km
2:30 hrs.
173 m
173 m
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Lauenen, Hotel Alpenland
Lowest point
1.237 m
Highest point
1.410 m
  • Nice views
  • Round tour
  • With refreshment stops
  • Surface neigeuse damée
Source : Gstaad Saanenland
The mountain village of Lauenen is set between Gstaad and the majestic Wildhorn. From here you walk up to the much-praised Lake Lauenen. This hiking route is renowned for its silence and seclusion.

I gloube, i gange no meh - a Louenesee. These words in the Bernese dialect were sung by the Span band in their 1983 classic. After completing this winter hike you are sure to agree - and you will be sure to return. The trail starts in Lauenen (1,241 metres above sea level) in the heart of the Saanenland, directly at the Hotel Alpenland. A detour to this charming mountain village is well worthwhile as it is noted for its old well-preserved chalets and its 16th century church.

After leaving Lauenen, you follow snow-covered paths and meadows through several sections of forest uphill to the idyllic Lake Lauenen. The nature reserve is of national importance and is a true winter wonderland. A thick layer of snow covers the Alpine moorland terrain and the fir trees. This famous and often sung-about lake is surrounded by unspoilt mountain scenery. It offers a view of impressive waterfalls and of the majestic Spitzhorn. The area around Lake Lauenen is also considered to be a naturally energising place of power.

The way back takes you along the road on the other side of the valley. With a gentle descent, you start from Twäregg towards the bottom of the valley. Your view extends out of the valley and deep down into the valley of the Louwibach. You pass the Rohr, a nature reserve with flat marshland. Cross-country ski and hiking trails cross the plain and hence it is also a worthwhile excursion destination in winter. With broad curves, the well-groomed path leads downhill, past the holiday village Fängli, and back to Lauenen.

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