Top winter hiking trails

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The region’s diverse and popular Top winter Hikes fully reflect this wide range of varied winter hiking options. Once you have your sturdy shoes, sunscreen, relevant tour information and weather-appropriate clothing, there is nothing to hold you back from all that is on offer here.

Sparenmoos Circular Route

This high-level route offers outstanding panoramic views and heads west from the Berghotel Sparenmoos via Hüsliberg-Neuenberg to the Schiltenegg. It then continues on the eastern side of the high plateau back to your starting point.

  • Hiking time: 2 hours
  • Highlights: "Fly" back to Zweisimmen on a toboggan
  • GPS-Tour

Schönried - Gruben - Gstaad

An easy winter hiking trail, from Schönried village to Gstaad, along the foot of the Hornberg, with wonderful views of Saanen and Gstaad.

Eggli - Vorderes Eggli - Eggli (loop)

Ride up to the Eggli in comfort with the gondola lift. The trail begins on the south side of the mountain restaurant and runs parallel to the marked snowshoeing trail over the wide open meadows of «Hinder der Egg». With the imposing Gummfluh and Rübli mountains in sight, there is then a gentle climb up to the «Vordere Eggli.» From there the trail goes back to the mountain restaurant Eggli.

Gstaad - Grund - Chlösterli - Feutersoey - Gsteig

This easy winter hike takes you along the banks of the river Saane. The sunny path is well suited for prams and children's buggies. Where the snow cover allows, children can also be taken along by sled.

Wispile (panoramic loop)

Use the gondola lift to travel up to the mountain station in comfort. This easy hiking trail begins at the mountain restaurant Wispile and leads along the ridge of the Wispile. It offers walkers a breath-taking view to the surrounding mountains. The way can be abbreviated at several places.

Gstaad - Oberbort - Turbach - Bissen - Gstaad

The trail takes you along the sunny side of the street from Gstaad via Nüweret up to Oberbort, past some magnificent chalets. The high-level trail then leads to the little village Turbach. Possibility to prolong to the end of the valley, to Wintermatte. The way back to Gstaad goes on the other side of the stream «Turbachbach», via Bissen. On the way from Gstaad - Nüweret - Oberbort - Turbach, an abbreviation of approximately 15 minutes is possible if taking the way directly from Gstaad to Oberbort instead of via Nüweret.

Lauenen - Lake Lauenen (loop)

The trail follows the old road up to Lake Lauenen. The return leg takes you along the new road on the other side of the valley.