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Welcome to the ski tour paradise for lovers of nature and skiing. Besides a multitude of routes ranging form easy pre-Alps mountains to demanding high-altitude ski tours the offer also includes appealing combinations of outdoor and indoor pleasures, all of which benefit from the short access routes, i.e. ski tours combined with leisure and spa facilities or mountain and gourmet treats.

About the ski tours

Ski tours should only be undertaken if you are well prepared (fitness levels, equipment) and if the weather and avalanche situation is calm. The examples of tours listed below are taken from the ski tour guide books of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC). The times indicated are intended as guideline times for experienced tourers under good conditions.

Examples of tours with ascent times of up to 5 hours, pre-Alps summit

Tour Route Ascent time
Wannehörli (1942 m) Saanenmöser (L) 3 hours
Steinmandli (1940 m) from Mürni in the Turbach valley (L) 2.5 hours
Walighürli (2050 m) from Feutersoey via N-flank and NE ridge (L+) 3 hours
Walliser Wispile (1983 m) from Lauenen (L+) 2.5 hours
Wistätthore (2362 m) From mountain station of Parwengesattel chairlift (WS+) 2.5 hours
Staldenhorn (2262 m) from Gstaad-Grund (ZS, some sections up to 35 degrees and exposed) 4 hours
Wittenberghorn (2350 m) from Feutersoey through Tschärzis valley (WS+, upt to 35 degrees over 150hm) 4.5 hours
Giferspitz (2542 m) from Mürni in Turbach valley via Giferhüttli (ZS+, N-ridge exposed sections) 4 hours

Examples of htigh-alpine tours

Tour Route ascent time
Arpelistock (3035 m) Glacier 3000 mountain station, Arête d'Arpille (WS+) 3 hours
Geltenhorn (3065 m) From Lake Lauenen car par, Geltenhütte SAC (WS+, exposed passages below Geltenhütte, crevassas on Gelten Glacier) 2.5 hours to hut
3.5 hours to summit
Sommets des Diablerets (3210 m) From mountain station of ski lift Dôme Glacier 3000 (L, crevasses) 2 hours
Oldenhorn (3123 m) From Glacier 3000 to Oldensattel and east flank (WS+, exposed in part in summit area) 2 hours
Wildhorn (3248 m) From Iffigalp (from Lenk taxi) to Wildhornhütte (L to hut, WS und Glacier / crevasses to summit) 3 hours to hut
3 hours to summit