Ski tours

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Ski Tours in the Destination Gstaad

Welcome to the ski tour paradise for lovers of nature and skiing. Besides a multitude of routes ranging from easy pre-Alps mountains to demanding high-altitude ski tours the offer also includes appealing combinations of outdoor and indoor pleasures, all of which benefit from the short access routes, i.e. ski tours combined with leisure and spa facilities or mountain and gourmet treats.

Ski touring propositions

On our digital touring maps (below) you can find a multitude of ski tours with detailed touring information with GPS tracks to download. Please consider the current snow and avalanche situation.

Avalanche bulletin

When going for a ski tour or off-piste skiing pleas consider the national avalanche bulletin as well as the weather forecast. The current avalanche bulletin is published by the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research in Davos on a daily basis. The current avalanche bulletin is published under the following link.

Avalanche Training Center Glacier 3000

Snow safety can be practiced! That is why there is an Avalanche Training Center at Glacier 3000, for all those who want practice what to do when an avalanche hits under real conditions. The training center is free of charge. It consists of a 100 x 100 m2 area in somewhat steep terrain located on the lower end of the Ice Express chairlift.

Mountain guides in Gstaad

If you want to enjoy the sense of freedom that comes from skiing off-piste, be sure to hire an experienced local mountain guide for your own safety. Several professional mountain guides are available to accompany visitors through the winter landscape to the most beautiful natural sites in the destination of Gstaad. A list of mountain guides can be found under the following link.

Respect to protect

Designated wildlife areas and wildlife reserves have been established by the authorities in order to protect wildlife and forest. These areas differ in legal status (legally protected or recommended), protection regulations and period of protection.