One-way trips & day tickets

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Day tickets & multi-day tickets - Booking early pays off!

Online and early bird discounts
Book your ski ticket now and benefit from online and early bird discounts.

Never cheaper than today – Best Price Guaranty!
Early booking is worthwhile, the prices are never cheaper than at the current time.

Reimbursement and Exchange
Issued and reserved ski tickets cannot be reimbursed or retrospectively exchanged for other types of ski tickets.

Collect Snowflake points and profit
You collect Gstaad snowflake points every time you buy ski tickets in the Gstaad online shop. As soon as 6 snowflakes have filled up, you will receive a voucher worth CHF 20.00 for your next order. For every CHF 100.00 you receive one Gstaad snowflake.

Day tickets are valid on all mountain railways except Glacier 3000. For the individual areas Gsteig (Adults CHF 35.- / Children 6 years and older CHF 25.-), Lauenen and Glacier 3000, separate day tickets are available at the corresponding point of sale. For Wasserngrat 2- and 4-hour-cards are available at the valley station.
Multi-day tickets are valid on all mountain railways in the Skiwelt Gstaad. For individual sectors there are no multi-day tickets available.

The morning and afternoon tickets are suitable for those who are uncertain how long the day on the ski slopes will last. The tariff is based on the daily ticket prices.

Morning ticket
For the morning ticket, CHF 5 is added to the variable ticket price and CHF 15 is credited if the ticket is returned to the ticket office of the Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad before 1 p.m.

Afternoon ticket
If you buy the day ticket after 12.00 noon, a discount of CHF 10 is granted on the current ticket price.

The offers on the morning & afternoon ticket are only valid in the area of the Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad. Not included are Wasserngrat, Glacier 3000 as well as Lauenen and Gsteig.

Together with the Swiss partner Climeworks, the mountain railways of the destination Gstaad is decreasing the difficult to avoid emissions resulting from skiing activities. Winter sports enthusiasts can drop off their KeyCard in one of the boxes at the valley station at the end of the day. For each CHF 5 deposit, Climeworks removes 5kg of CO2 from the air. This is done using a special technology called Direct Air Capture.

SkiEasy CHF 4.–per day

Pro rata refund of ski pass, ski lesson and ski rental in case of: illness, accident, closed ski resort due to bad weather conditions. As per GCI, European travel insurance.

SkiPlus CHF 6.– per day

Pro rata refund of ski pass, ski lesson and ski rental in case of: illness, accident, closed ski resort due to bad weather conditions. Plus different rescue performances. As per GCI, European travel insurance.

One-way trips

The tariffs apply to single "one-way" and "return" journeys on the stated facilities during normal operating times. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Group rates are generally offered for 10 or more people. Subject to change.

Tarifs for Families

Discounts ­available to families when purchasing a minimum of 3 tickets at once (­thereof 1 or 2 adults / senior). Discounts are only valid for one-day and consecutive multi-day ski passes. No reduction is granted on season tickets, day passes and single tickets. Detailed information is available at the ticket offices of the mountain railways.

Junior travelcard and Children’s Co-travelcard

Children from 6 to 15 years, which have a Junior travelcard and Children’s Co-travelcard, get a one-way or return-trip for free on the mountain railways from Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad and Glacier 3000. Valid if a accompanying person buys a one way- or return-ticket or if the accompanying person has a season- or year-ticket. The Junior Travelcard or Children’s Co-Travelcard is not valid for snowsports activities, specifically skiing, tobogganing or similar. If so, purchase an ordinary Children’s Ticket instead.

Saanis tryout skiticket

With this discounted day ticket families can practice their first turns on the easy ski slopes. The Saani ticket is available at the respective valley stations.

Where can I ski anywhere with the Saani trial ski ticket?

  • Rinderberg gondola, 1st section
  • Saanerslochgrat gondola, 1st section
  • Ski lifts Zückerli & Rüti on the Wispile

Prices per day ticket

  • Adults CHF 35.00
  • Youth CHF 28.00
  • Children CHF 20.00

Flexible multi-day tickets

The flexible multi-day tickets are available this season again. The tickets are valid on 5 / 6 / 7 days of your choice during the season (also on Glacier 3000).

Adult Senior Youth Child
5 Days in the season CHF 350 CHF 315 CHF 280 CHF 193
6 Days in the season CHF 420 CHF 378 CHF 336 CHF 231
7 Days in the season CHF 490 CHF 441 CHF 392 CHF 270