Sports for People with Disabilities

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Winter Accessible and Inclusive Tourism in the Destination Gstaad.

The Destination Gstaad offers a wide range of leisure activities to visitors with disabilities. A number of qualified helpers, specialist hotels and the topography of the area ensure that any holiday here will be a fantastic experience.

Winter Sports in Gstaad

Skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ski touring or even heli-skiing for anyone affected by disability, life-changing, life-challenging, special needs or similar conditions (physical, cognitive, degenerative, genetic, sensory, congenital, audio, trauma, neurological or mental) is possible here in the Destination Gstaad but will, of course, depend on your specific needs and requirements. 

Blind and Visually impaired skiing is the number one adaptive snow sport of the Destination. For over 50 years there have been blind skiers coming and enjoying our fabulous mountains and we can offer you expert advice and tuition.

If you are a wheelchair user or have limited mobility then what better way to enjoy many of the fabulous ski slopes but by being guided around in a sit-ski.  There are two types of equipment – the Tessier dual-ski and Tessier Tandemski.  Both offer flexibility to join family and friends on the mountain.  Which one you use will be determined as to your physical and/or health condition and after discussion with the ski school.

Ski and Snowboard Schools for adaptive, assisted and disablet Winter Sports

Suitable for kids at the age of 3 and adults who want to learn a snow sport or improve their skills. The ski school is happy to welcome everyone including those with Down’s Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, Physical needs and those who are wheelchair users for the sit-ski.

Tel. +41 33 744 18 65

Blind and visually impaired skiing a speciality and the ski school can also teach and guide many other types of disabilities and special needs.  They do not have any specialist sit-ski equipment.
Our friendly staff provides you the tools and opportunity to build your skills in a safe and fun environment. You enjoy the peaceful low-key atmosphere and the promise of adventure will make...
Contact:  Andreas Aellen for more information on blind and visually impaired skiing

Tel. +41 33 744 36 65

Privat have a number of qualified instructors and guides for blind and visually impaired skiers of all ages. They also have instructors for other needs but do not have specialist sit-ski equipment.

Tel. +41 33 744 96 44

For blind or visually impaired visitors then there is the opportunity to learn or progress your snow-boarding skills. 

Pure Snowboard Shop
Postfach 304 / Umfahrungstrasse 11
3780 Gstaad / Schweiz
Tel. +41 (0)33 744 75 70

Accessible Ice Skating for Wheelchair Users

Outdoor Ice Rink (located in the centre of the village)
Now the whole family can be on the ice together, laughing and playing! The ice rink is accessible for wheelchair users who are able to be on the ice using a ‘glider’ which fits onto their chair. There is also a great café Charly’s which is wheelchair accessible and looks out over the ice rink

Indoor Curling in the Sports Centre
Located on the edge of the village within an easy walk of hotels and shops, this offers an alternative activity in the way of curling. For visitors in a wheelchair the entry for the skating rink is free.

More information:

Further Informations

If you would like more information or advice then please do contact Ski 2 Freedom Foundation who work with us to help tourists and visitors with a disability, special need or life-changing condition to make the most of their holiday in the Destination.

“The purpose of the International Ski 2 Freedom Foundation is to give people with physical limitations or special needs access to snow sports, winter and summer activities in the Alps. There is a good relationship between our foundation and the Destination Gstaad as Gstaad offers many different services for this target group.”

"We are convinced that people in these special circumstances gain self-confidence and stability through sporting and non-sporting activities and are given an impulse for a better quality of life. This also has a positive impact on their environment. And we want to promote this effect, " says Catherine Cosby, founder and director of Ski 2 Freedom, the motivation for her commitment.

Wheelchair Accessible Toilets

Parking Unter-Gstaad / Parking Ober-Gstaad / Coop / Railway station / Sportzentrum

Parking / Railway station

Parking / Railway station

Railway station


Parking Geltenhorn

Sanetsch / Tourist Office

Rinderberg / Railway station

Wheelchair Accessible Hotels and Places to Stay

There are a good selection of places to stay and please contact us or Ski 2 Freedom for more information as to which is suitable for your needs.

Wheelchair accessible parking

  • Under-Gstaad car park
  • Ober-Gstaad car park
  • Coop car park (1 space)
  • Gstaad railway station (2 spaces)
  • Gstaad Sports Centre
  • Parking village centre Saanen