Hello and welcome to Saaniland. I am Saani, the small white goat, the trademark of Saanenland. This is the home of the Saanen goat – famous worldwide, because we produce much more milk that other kinds of goats. You will easily recognize us because of white coat color. I will show you the best places of my home. For children there is a lot to discover. Maybe you feel like trying out an adventure trail, one of the many indoor offers or romping around on fun playgrounds. Come along, we are going on a discovery tour!



Bucket List for Families

From Saaniland to the family week to the oversized sandpit – the Gstaad summer offers diverse activities for young and old. These 7 experiences definitely belong on the family “to do” list.


Adventure Playground Wispile

You’ve never seen such a playground! There is even a petting zoo with all my friends integrated into this special adventure playground. We enjoy romping around and climbing just as much as you do. That’s why we feel so comfortable having the slides, climbing elements, water games and lots of places for you and me to relax. By the way, there is a great playground with silhouettes on building walls on the Rinderberg. You will find playgrounds in various places in the destination.


Adventure Trails

Did you think hiking was boring? Then you don’t know about my adventure trails! On Saani’s sound adventure trail you will hear different sounds and noises. Listen closely, maybe you will hear animal voices or music coming from tree trunks.

On Saani’s mountain adventure trail you work on your fitness and coordination at 17 stations. You practice balancing and climbing. At the different stations you will also learn interesting things about the plants, animals or the moor. And you may begin to wonder what all is living here?



Are you up for a really special adventure? The STATION is a world for discovery, working and trying things out. Here you will find an exciting engine room with a fascinating mix of ropes, gears, cranks and marble runs. At the different work stations, you can let your fantasy run wild while working and making handicrafts. The best part of all is that even if it rains, you won’t be bored.


Sports Center Gstaad

Do you love water? Then look forward to Gstaad! The outdoor swimming pools in Saanen and Zweisimmen offer plenty of fun with slides and other great games. The Sportzentrum Gstaad also has an outdoor pool plus a mini-golf course, a playground and if you are up to it, you can even play tennis here. These are definitely enough good reasons to convince your family to come for a visit!

Outdoor pools

Splashing, sliding, swimming, licking ice cream  – you can do all these fun things with your family at the outdoor pools in Zweisimmen, Saanen and Gstaad Palace! The facilities are open between June and September. Who is faster on the slide, you or your brothers and sisters?



Do you like it when the wind rushes around your ears and you pass by the surroundings so fast that you get dizzy? With a scooter you can race downhill from these three mountains in the destination. Just borrow a scooter on the Wispile, Rinderberg or Sparenmoos. Pretty convenient, right? And I’ll bet you that your parents will have just as much fun as you do when the wind blows through your hair?


Family Hike in Combination with a Picnic Basket or Fondueland

Our region offers great hikes for the whole family, for example the high-altitude hike from Horneggli to Rinderberg or the hike from the Wispile to Lake Lauenen. Hiking is especially fun with the right food. Pack a fondue in your backpack and cook it in an oversized fondue pot. Or pack a picnic basket with local specialties. There are lots of barbecue areas along the way that you can use for the bratwurst you brought along.


Rope Park Zweisimmen

Do you love climbing and adventure? Then you will also feel good in the rope park Zweizimmen. Adventure seekers of all ages will have a great time in the treetops of the majestic Obersimmental trees. Amusing rope ladders, crazy tyrolean zip-wires (up to 150 meters long) and daring jumps in five courses up to 20 meters above the ground. Thanks to a children’s course and playground, even the youngest children will have fun. Did we wake your sense of adventure?

Visiting my friends in the Suisse Romande

Sometimes I am particularly adventurous. Then I visit my friends in the Suisse Romand in the Pays d’Enhaut. I don’t have to travel far to get there. Too bad, I don’t understand everything they tell me. Uff - I need to practise my French! There are also many exciting things to experience in neighbouring areas. My favourite things are:

Helpful Links

Where do you see the Saani signs outdoors? They show you where you can have lots of fun ­experiences with your family.