Trail Running

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Trail Running Routes

There are several routes in the destination of Gstaad that are suitable for trail running. Besides the 3 existing Helsana trails, the Alpness Trail, and two signposted trail running routes there is now a new trail more. The trail is very worthwhile but very challenging, from Gstaad you go up to the Wasserngrat over to the alp Turnels and from there back to Gstaad.

Runs in the Destination

Detailed information

The Tiger Trail

Summer Run 2019 from 1.7.-30.8.2019 at the Wasserngrat

  • Download the App Strava (iOS or Android)
  • Go to the start post near the valley station Wasserngrat
  • Start your App "GO"
  • Run up the hill as fast as possible, following the Tiger-Trail-Logo
  • Stop your app as you reach the finish post behind the mountain lodge
  • Send your result with your name and year of birth by e-mail to
  • The prize ceremony takes place on 1.9.2019, 12.00 at the Berghaus Restaurant Wasserngrat
  • Each runner is invited to the prize ceremony

Follow these Signposts