Mountain Waters

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The destination Gstaad has a wealth of magnificent lakes, rivers and waterfalls each with its own distinctive character. However, all of them have one thing in common: their special atmosphere and splendid location in the heart of the magnificent natural landscape.

Mountain lakes

Lake Lauenen

Situated in the heart of a nature reserve, the splendour of Lake Lauenen is an ideal destination for hikers, nature lovers and romantics alike. Boats are available for hire from the Lauenensee Restaurant.

  • Location: 4 km south of Lauenen
  • Altitude: 1,381 metres above sea level.
  • Recommendation for the journey to Lake Lauenen: On foot, by post bus or by bicycle from the village of Lauenen.
  • How to get there: By road up to Lake Lauenen, where there is a pay-car park  with limited capacity. Once the car park is full, the road will be closed.
  • Public transport: Bus from Gstaad (mid-may until mid-october) or Wispile cable car followed by a hike to the lake (see operating dates Wispile)
  • Highlights: Lake Lauenen circular hiking route, Boat hire from the Restaurant Lauenensee, Wonderful nature reserve, View of the Dungelschuss and Geltenschuss waterfalls
  • Hiking-Highlight 2019: Wispile - Chrine - Lauenensee
  • On behalf of the municipality of Lauenen and Gstaad Saanenland Tourism, a ranger protects and promotes the Gelten- Iffigen nature reserve. The ranger supervises the protected area, informs and sensitises the guests about the rules of conduct. Do not hesitate to talk to him, he will be happy to tell you some fascinating anecdotes.
  • Flyer Lake Lauenen
  • Please follow the guidelines which are signposted for the protection of flora and fauna in the nature reserve.

Lake Arnen

Lake Arnen nestles amidst a magnificent mountainous landscape far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are plenty of spots along the lake shore for hikers, swimmers and fishermen to stop off and enjoy their rest. And you can also stave off your hunger at one of the many barbecue areas, not to mention the comfortable "Huus am Arnensee" restaurant on the lake itself.

  • Location: In the Tschärzistal Valley, 6 km from Feutersoey
  • Altitude: 1,542 metres above sea level.
  • How to get there: Toll road from Feutersoey
  • Hot wo get there - alternative: "Mitfahrbank" - Bench, where car-drivers can pick you up. Located in Feutersoey at the barrier to Lake Arnen and at the Lake Arnen dam.
  • Attractions: Lake Arnen circular trail, Fishing, Bathing lake, Pedalo and boat hire, Stand Up Paddels hire - reservation by telephone recommended (+41 (0)33 755 14 36)

Lake Seeberg

The picturesque Lake Seeberg above Zweisimmen and the surrounding Alps offer an even more attractive hiking area since the opening of the new circular hiking trail. Hikers can enjoy views across Zweisimmen, Saanenmöser, over to the Rinderberg and Sparenmoos as they walk.

  • Location: between Zweisimmen and the Diemtigtal
  • Altitude: 1,831 metres above sea level.
  • How to get there: By road from Zweisimmen via Grubenwald to the Meienberg car park or via Schlatt to Milchchäle. A taxi may be booked at any time. Taxi Schnidrig +41 33 722 72 72, Taxi 4x4 +41 33 722 04 04. 1-4 persons: CHF 50.- / 5-13 persons: CHF 10.-.
  • Hiking taxi Zweisimmen-Seebergsee: 6. july until 7. october 2021, on tuesdays and thursdays. Departure Zweisimmen train station: 9.00, arrival Meienberg: 9.30 / Departure Meienberg: 15.30, arrival Zweisimmen train station 16.00. The hiking taxis operate on request, from 1 person. Please contact the Tourism Info Point Zweisimmen at +41 33 722 11 33 until 17.00 the evening before. Prices: Adult CHF 18.-/28.-, Children CHF 8.-/10.-.
  • Attractions: Lake Seeberg is part of the regional Diemtigtal Nature Reserve, spring water, Lake Seeberg circular trail, wonderful mountain biking route.
  • Flyer Seebergsee
  • Please follow the guidelines which are signposted for the protection of flora and fauna in the nature reserve.

Hornberg reservoir lake

The man-made reservoir lake is situated in a picturesque setting in the Hornberg cauldron at around 1800 m. Hikers can reach it from the mountain station of the Horneggli cable car, along the popular high-level hike Horneggli-Rinderberg.

The reservoir lake is quite shallow, which means it warms up quickly and makes for pleasant bathing. Also located at the lake is Europe’s highest wakeboarding installation, a bar, and a small cosy sunbathing meadow. There are also two mountain restaurants nearby for those keen to enjoy a culinary treat. Their panoramic terraces offer wonderful views of the mountain scenery. The reservoir lake is also easy to reach by car from Saanenmöser along Hornbergstrasse.

  • Elevation: 1,797 m above sea level.
  • How to get there: By car from Saanenmöser along Hornbergstrasse to the lake.
  • Public transport: The Hornberg region is easily accessible from Schönried with the Horneggli cable car. From the mountain station the lake can be reached on foot in 15 minutes along the pleasant hiking trail.
  • Location: above Gstaad, Schönried, Saanenmöser in the Hornberg cauldron.
  • Highlights: Hiking trail Horneggli-Rinderberg, Hornberg mountain restaurants, Wake Up Gstaad, mountain bike cable-car tour, Hornfluh climbing garden.

Lake Sanetsch

The high-lying Sanetsch valley is situated to the north of the Sanetsch Pass at an elevation of 2,000 to 2,100 m and is the site of the Lake Sanetsch reservoir dam. The reservoir lake lies in a picturesque high valley, and it takes one and a half hours to hike the circuit trail around the lake. Those brave enough will certainly want to enjoy a refreshing dip in the lake’s cold mountain waters. Tired hikers, for their part, can cool their feet instead.

  • Elevation: 2,034 m above sea level.
  • How to get there: By car to the valley station of the Sanetsch cable car, Innergsteig, or from the south from Sion along the narrow mountain road to Lake Sanetsch.
  • Public transport: The Lake Sanetsch region with its chapel and mountain restaurant can be reached from the Bern side by aerial ropeway (operating times). From the Valais side, a PostBus operates daily from Sion to the lake.
  • Location: above Gsteig, near the Sanetsch Pass.
  • Highlights: Glacier 3000-Sanetsch hike, hiking circuit around Lake Sanetsch, Sanetsch climbing region, the hamlet of Sanetsch with small chapel, museum and Auberge.

Lake Retaud

The small and romantic Lake Retaud is located close to the Col du Pillon surrounded by forests and mountains. The magnificent views stretch as far as the Diablerets glacier. The Restaurant "Le Lac Retaud" is perfect for a snack or light refreshment. And a leisurely outing on the lake in a rowing boat is a wonderful way for nature lovers to take in the magnificent scenery.

  • Location: Les Diablerets, 2 km from the Col du Pillon
  • Altitude: 1,685 metres above sea level.
  • How to get there: By road up to the Col du Pillon pass, then turn right
  • Public transport: Train from Aigle to Les Diablerets, then take the bus to the Col du Pillon and then approx. 45 minutes on foot. A post bus runs between Gstaad and the Col du Pillon.
  • Attractions: Bathing lake, Hiking towards Lake Arnen or Les Diablerets

Mountain rivers


The famous Saane, which gave the region its name, came from the Sanetsch and goes all the way to the canton border. Along most of the stream there are beautiful hiking and walking trails, that are accessible year round. The family barbecue spots in Feutersoey – between Gstaad and Gsteig – are great places to relax.

  • Location barbecue spot: East of the village of Feutersoey an der Saane.
  • Altitude: 1120 m
  • Directions: From Gstaad to Feutersoey. In the village go lefts towards Halten and then all the way down until you get to the Saane.
  • Recommendation: Walk along the Saane towards Gsteig or back towards Gstaad.


Near the village of Zweisimmen, the large and small Simme rivers flow together, which is the reason for the village's name. There is a great, covered barbecue area for families on the small Simme above the village at Mühleport. A small stream next to it invites you to dam up and play.

  • Location: South of the village of Zweisimmen.
  • Altitude: 940 m
  • Directions: Take the train or car to Zweisimmen. On foot from the station in a southerly direction. Then along the Kleine Simme.


The Chalberhönibach lies in a beautiful quiet valley away from everyone. About 200 m from Restaurant Waldmatte is a nice barbecue spot next to the stream. School children built this barbecue spot a few years ago after serious flooding in the area. Those who follow the stream to its source will discover beautiful places and untouched nature along the way. It’s about 3.5 km to either source, Gumseeli or Gour de Comborsin.

  • Location barbecue spot: Im Chalberhöni, 200 m next to the Restaurant Waldmatte.
  • Altitude: 1340 m
  • Directions: From Saanen towards Chalberhöni until shortly before the cable car valley stations Chalberhöni-Eggli and Chalberhöni-Les Gouilles.
  • Recommendation: Hike along the stream to its source Gumseeli.


By the Lauibach between the village of Lauenen and Lake Lauenen lies a moor area. Flora and fauna are especially diverse here. Hikers can walk directly along the stream and then follow a zig-zag trail directly to Lake Lauenen. The trail along the ever widening stream has a wildly romantic and magical feel to it.

  • Location: In Rohr between the village of Lauenen and Lake Lauenen.
  • Altitude: 1240 m
  • Directions: From Gstaad to Lauenen, pass through the village until Hotel Alpenland.
  • Recommendation: Hike to Lake Lauenen or continue to Geltenschuss / Geltenhütte SAC.


This beautiful mountain stream has its source in the romantic Heuberg Valley and flows from the village of Turbach towards Gstaad. All along the stream are quiet and beautiful hiking and walking trails, as well as barbecue spots, far away from cars and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are also many places where one can take a refreshing footbath or dip in the water after an athletic activity. The remotely situated Heuberg Valley offers a pure nature experience and even the chance to stop by the small and cozy Wintermatte for something to eat and drink.

  • Location Wintermatte-Beizli: towards the end of Turbachtal, before “Heuberg”.
  • Altitude: 1420 m
  • Directions: From Gstaad to Turbach. Drive towards end of the valley until Rotegrabe. From there you can walk along the stream until Wintermatte (about 1 km).
  • Recommendation: Hike from Wintermatte-Beizli into the valley towards Heuberg. Or hike along the stream back to Gstaad.


About 15 minutes by foot from the Zweisimmen train station towards Sparenmoos lies Rischbachquelle. The barbecue spot here offers a great view onto Zweisimmen. From here a lovely trail goes to Sparenmoos. The moor landscape is an exciting habitat for specialists from the animal and plant kingdom.

  • Location: towards the west above the village of Zweisimmen.
  • Altitude: 1050 m
  • Directions: Take the train or car to Zweisimmen. Continue on foot 150m along the main road after the roundabout towards Gstaad and then go right and follow the trail to the edge of the forest.


Geltenschuss & Tungelschuss

These imposing waterfalls can be found behind Lake Lauenen. The Geltenschuss is about two kilometers behind Lake Lauenen and lies directly on the way to Geltenhütte SAC. On a hot summer day hikers can cool off nicely under the waterfall. Tungelschuss can also easily be seen from Lake Lauenen and is very impressive because of its mighty roaring waters, especially after the snow melt.


  • Location: Right next to the Lauenensee.
  • Altitude: 1430 m
  • Directions: From Gstaad to Lauenen and onwards to Lake Lauenen. Park at the lake parking lot and walk 400m to the Tungelschuss.
  • Recommendation: Hike around Lake Lauenen. Hike back to Lauenen.


  • Location: 2 km south of Lake Lauenen.
  • Altitude: 1800 m
  • Directions: From Gstaad to Lauenen and onwards to Lake Lauenen. Park at the lake parking lot and then continue on foot heading south until Geltenschuss.
  • Recommendation: Go past Geltenschuss to the Geltenhütte SAC.


This impressive ravine by Gsteig is still a relatively unknown location. From Hotel Bären in the village of Gsteig, the hike goes towards Kraftwerk and then on to Innergsteig. Left of the Kraftwerk the trail winds upwards along the Burgfälle. The 150 m climb reveals a unique interplay between the wonderful waterfalls and dizzying depths of the ravine.

  • Location: Innergsteig, a bit north of the Sanetschbahn valley station.
  • Altitude: 1350 m
  • Directions: from Gstaad to Gsteig. Turn left at Hotel Bären and head towards Innergsteig / Kraftwerk Sanetsch. Park at the Kraftwerk or by the Sanetschbahn valley station.
  • Recommendation: Hike onto the Wispile. Visit the Sanetsch reservoir.