Top Hiking Trails

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Top Hiking Trails in the Destination Gstaad

The destinations’s diverse and popular Top Hikes fully reflect this wide range of varied hiking options. Once you have your sturdy shoes, sunscreen, relevant tour information, first aid kit, weather-appropriate clothing and your Gstaad Card, there is nothing to hold you back from all that is on offer here.

Please take note of the operating dates for lifts and cable cars. 

Horneggli - Hornberg - Rinderberg

The 2,079m Rinderberg mountain rears up between Gstaad and Zweisimmen. In winter it’s beloved by skiers and in summer it turns into a hikers’ playground. A chairlift runs from Schönried to the starting point Horneggli. Once on the mountain, the well-marked path leads towards Hornberg - Rinderberg. From there the decent climbing to our summit Rindeberg starts. It is an easy uphill on a good mountain path with an incredible view of the Alps mainridge.

  • Duration of hike: 2:30 hours
  • Highlights: Wake-Up Hornberg, Playground Rinderberg, Scooter Rinderberg
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Wispile - Chrine - Lauenensee

Take the cable car up to the Wispile from where this wonderful mountain hike goes all the way to the Chrinetritt. There is then a short, steep descent towards the Chrine Pass and from there you can take the path in direction Lake Lauenen. On the way to Lake Lauenen there are a number of attractive views of the Wildhorn Massif to enjoy.

  • Duration of walk: 3 hours
  • Highlights: Various activities on the Wispile, boats for hire from the Restaurant Lauenensee
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Glacier 3000 (Scex Rouge) - Sanetsch

The Glacier 3000 aerial cable car goes up from the Col du Pillon to its final stop at Scex Rouge. From here enjoy the magnificent view over the amazing mountain landscape and of the Tsanfleuron Glacier. This route takes you as far as Tours St. Martin (Quille du Diable peak) and on towards Cabane de Prarochet. Return to Gsteig by cablecar Sanetsch.

  • Duration of walk: 5:30 hours
  • Highlights: Barrage du Sanetsch
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Lake Lauenen Circular Hike

The tour around the famous Lake Lauenen is even possible with a good baby carriage. During the entire tour you can enjoy the view onto the lake. Rent a boat or swim in the lake.

  • Duration of walk: 0:45 hours
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Gstaad - Bissen - Turbach - Oberbort - Gstaad

Beginning in Gstaad, the trail runs along the Louwibach and Turbach streams on the way to Turbach. After changing sides of the valley, a higher and flat trail takes you back to Gstaad. The hike runs along the southern slopes of Gstaad.

  • Duration of walk: 2:30 hours
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Col du Pillon - Retaudsee - Arnensee - Feutersoey

This very enjoyable hike takes you from Lake Retaud to Lake Arnen and on to Feutersoey. A magnificent panoramic trail, it includes a scenic Alpine panorama, deep-blue lakes and plenty of adventure in the Great Outdoors.

  • Duration of walk: 4 hours
  • Highlights: Pedalo and boat hire at Lake Arnen, fishing permits available at the restaurant, boat hire at Lake Retaud
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Meienberg - Seebergsee - Stierenberg - Hinder Chumi - Blankenburg/Zweisimmen

This mountain hike takes across wide expanses of alpine meadows, around the Lake Seeberg and through the Spillgerte nature reserve. It offers wonderful views to the mountains. The way down is very long. The transfer service "Wandertaxi" takes you up to the hiking area (Meienberg). The Wandertaxi drives only in the season and only two times in a week on reservation.

  • Duration of walk: 4 hours
  • Highlights: Bathing in Lake Seeberg (be warned - it’s cold!), Stierenseeberg mountain restaurant, descent through the coniferous forest to Blankeburg (possibility of seeing chamois)
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