Hiking Guide

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Ruedi Hählen

Gsteigstrasse 3, 3780 Gstaad


Even as a young toddler, I was always fascinated by and magically drawn to the mountains. This even led to me founding a hiking club as a schoolboy and exploring and discovering the surrounding mountains every weekend with children of the same age and like-minded people.

The 1980s and 1990s were my “golden mountain era” with numerous wild mountain and glacier tours.

In spite of this, I never made my hobby my job. Nevertheless, I was unable to completely stay away from it and in 2010, I successfully trained to become a hiking guide with the Swiss Mountain Guide Association (SBV). True to the slogan “no half measures”, I obtained a Federal PET Diploma by passing another examination.

In addition to my main job as a Gstaad business owner, today I also offer private guests and groups guided hikes and snowshoe tours in the tranquil Saanenland-Upper Simmental region. Apart from safety, I attach great importance to conveying my enthusiasm for nature to my guests.

Last but not least, since 1998 I have been the host of the Grubenberg Hut, which lies in the foothills of the Gastlosen mountain chain on the axis between Saanen and Jaun in a fabulous climbing and hiking region where there is also lots to discover!