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Via Alpina: Lenk - Gstaad

21,60 km
7:30 hrs.
994 m
1.010 m
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Lenk, Simme/Bühlbergstrasse
Lowest point
1.049 m
Highest point
2.059 m
  • Stage tour
  • With refreshment stops
Source : Gstaad Saanenland
In 2002, the Alpine countries have agreed to create a connection through the Alps, the Via Alpina from Trieste to Monaco. The stages from Liechtenstein to Montreux belong to the Grünen Weg.
The trail crosses 14 of the most beautiful Alpine passes. Across 6 cantons of Switzerland and the Liechtenstein, it encounters a variety of culture, geology and topography. The tour is lined with one of the world's most versatile flora and fauna. Silence relaxation phases alternate with the tourist centres. Different alpine huts are close to the path where the pigs, goats and cows watch the farmer. Movements, thrusts, reduction and rock fall are the evidence of an interesting geological structure. Breath taking panoramas interchange with wonderful things on the wayside and the gastronomy prepares delicious food.

Stage Lenk - Gstaad
Once again its starts with a climb. Shortly after it cross the cable car by Wallegg and walk along it.
Slightly above the Undere Lochberg walk through a flat, marshy bog that will leave just with the ascent to Obere Lochberg. Up to the Trüttlisbergpass the hikers get again solid ground under our feet.
Now the path leads through the long-drawn valley of Turbach and to Turbach and Gstaad.

Turbach - Gstaad by bus -1:15h

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Lenk - Ufem Büel - Wallegg - Undere Lochberg - Obere Lochberg - Trüttlisbergpass - Türli - Wintermatte - Turbach - Gstaad

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