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Lake Lauenen - Geltenhütte SAC - Lake Lauenen

8,01 km
4:00 hrs.
678 m
678 m
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Lake Lauenen, car park
Lowest point
1.378 m
Highest point
2.056 m
  • Round tour
Source : Gstaad Saanenland
This mountain trail leads from the Lake Lauenen into the wildness of the Gelten valley, dominated by the Gelten waterfall and the Wildhorn. The ascent to the SAC Gelten hut leads across Alp Undere Feisseberg past wild ravines and small waterfalls. The ascent, right next to the thundering waterfall, is a unique experience, near the top, the path leads behind a small waterfall. Then you cross alpine meadows and reach the SAC Gelten hut.
The path to Chüetungel leads along the flank of the mountain beneath the Follhore and in some places stairs respectively ropes have been installed. On this path you have to be very careful. From the Chüetungel walk down to the parking near the Lake Lauenen.

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Lauenensee - Geltenhütte SAC - Chüetungel - Lauenensee

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