Activities on this hike

Wispile Playground

The playground with wooden and stone elements offers a panoramic view onto the mountains around Gstaad. It offers water fun, a climbing garden, fantastic slides, swings and areas to relax and chill out.

Wispile Petting Zoo

Guests will find an adventure stable with petting zoo integrated into the playground. The climbing garden is not only lots of fun for kids, but also for the goats, which can retreat back to their own place at any time.

Cool off in Lake Lauenen

Lake Lauenen in all its glory is set right in the middle of a nature reserve. It is an ideal destination for hikers, nature lovers and romantics.

Chalet Villages Lauenen and Gsteig

The hike will take you through lovely alpine landscapes to Lauenen and Gsteig. A walk to the historical center of the chalet villages is well worthwhile not only because of the exciting historical background …

Picnic while on the trail

A simple picnic never tastes better than on a hike. And it’s even better when you’re sampling the local delicacies. So do make the most of the wide variety of tasty treats on offer in the Saanenland.

Fondueland Gstaad

Fondueland Gstaad is the perfect place to enjoy a tasty fondue while surrounded by mountainous natural beauty. In fact, it is here that the fresh air and the lush grasses and herbs in the meadows help to produce such excellent cheese.