In the Destination Gstaad, you can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. As you hike, you will feel the wind in your hair and smell the scent of the mountain flowers. You will go through the most colorful meadows and through the shadiest forests. You will freshen up in clear mountain lakes and be amazed by the waterfalls. You will feel the sun on your skin and dream of the refreshments that soon await you. Allow yourself to be inspired now and to enjoy later!






Autumnal Moments of Well-being

The hot days are over and slowly but surely autumn is making its way into the destination Gstaad. The leaves on the trees are changing colors, in the morning mystical wafts of fog gather in the valleys, the earthy smell of autumn is in the air again. Even though summer is slowly coming to an end, this is no reason to be sad. Because with the right program, autumn in Gstaad will surely make you feel good!

By Bike Through the Saanenland and Simmental

With over 500 kilometers of GPS tours, the destination Gstaad is a paradise for bikers. Whether with a racing bike or mountain bike – here everyone gets their money’s worth. But which ones are the most beautiful tours? We reveal our favorites!

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The “schürlis” characterize the Gstaad region and these traditional huts are regarded as special retreat places. Five such treasures, all distributed at different places in the region, invite you to slow down this summer. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of nature and marvel at the magnificent mountain scenery in these old special places, far away from all the tourists. Go on a discovery tour. Infos and directions are available online.

Are you looking for relaxation and coziness, do you like nature and love the mountains? Spend your vacation in a holiday apartment in the destination Gstaad far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Enjoy the freedom and independence and simply feel at home.


Enjoyable Hikes

When nothing else is possible, everything begins. Already plan your hike for the summer. The destination Gstaad allows you to easily combine hiking and pleasure. During each hike you can feel nature with all of your senses. Here you can wind down and really enjoy yourself. And right now, it feels so good to already make plans for the summer.


Horneggli - Hornberg - Horneggli (Blumenweg)

The chairlift takes you to the starting point. Great views onto the green Saanenland, the Gastlosen and glacial mountains await hikers. This trail is in full bloom, even at 1800 meters above sea level.

Lake Lauenen Circular Hike

The tour around the famous Lake Lauenen is even possible with a good baby carriage. During the entire tour you can enjoy the view onto the lake. Rent a boat or swim in the lake.

Gstaad - Bissen - Turbach - Oberbort - Gstaad

Beginning in Gstaad, the trail runs along the Louwibach and Turbach streams on the way to Turbach. After changing sides of the valley, a higher and flat trail takes you back to Gstaad. The hike runs along the southern slopes of Gstaad.

Schönried - Rellerli - Grossi Vorschess - Bergmatte - Schönried

A steep climb to the mountain top station of the former cable car. Beginning at Rellerli, the hiking trail is filled with enchanting views and a 360° view – as compensation for the steep climb.

Moorweg Sparenmoos

The beautiful hiking trail runs along the moor – an exciting habitat for specialists from the animal and plant kingdom. Information boards along the trail describe this ecological system that must be protected.

Hiking in the peaceful Heuberg valley.
Hiking experiences in the Destination Gstaad.


Culinary Delight par Excellence

Top chefs share their recipes

Top chefs of the destination inspire from home and bring the Gstaad cuisine into your home. Using local ingredients, these chefs create wonderful dishes. Marcus G. Lindner & Co. will show you how can cook your favorite meals and thus shorten the time until the restaurants reopen.

Fondueland Gstaad: The Perfect Mix

If the next restaurant visit is still off in the distance, then guests can take advantage of the great enjoyable alternatives that Gstaad has to offer. With the innovative Fondue Backpack, it’s possible to enjoy the tenderly melting cheese dish outdoors. It also goes to show once again that fondue tastes great all year round and offers a culinary experience especially out in nature.

Find Creative Alternatives to Restaurants

There are many barbecue spots with beautiful views or shady spots in the forest waiting to be discovered. Here you can enjoy local specialties in the middle of nature. The perfect grill sausage can be bought at the local Gstaad butcher shop. Other delicacies and regional specialties can be found in bakeries or village stores.


Magical Mountain Waters

Hike to the Burgfälle near Gsteig.

A bath in the crystal clear mountain lake is guaranteed to be an unforgettable vacation moment. In the destination Gstaad, there are more lakes than just the famous Lake Lauenen. Mountain lakes are hidden on many of the hikes. Their appeal lies not only in the ice-cold clear water, but also in their natural beauty: turquoise blue and a view onto the mountains, far away from the hustle and bustle and noise. Relaxing moments like this are not offered in any spa in the world.


Hiking highlight Horneggli-Rinderberg

Please take notice!

  • The mountain railways Rinderberg and Horneggli have ended their summer season on 18. october 2020.

The Horneggli-Rinderberg hike

This hike offers something for everyone: Families love the playground on Rinderbergspitz – here the young kids can play around, while the adults enjoy a well-deserved refreshment after the hike from Horneggli. Those who begin the hike from Rinderberg will discover great surprises along the way: for example, a wakeboard facility on Hornberg and great mountain huts with fine things to eat. The alpine panorama – whether you start your hike from Rinderberg or from Horneggli – is unbeatable.


Activities on this hike

Facade playground on the Rinderberg

A playground at 2,000 metres above sea level is a special feature in itself. The Rinderberg is not only a hiking paradise but also affords magnificent views as well as fun and games for the children.

Wakeboarding on the Hornberg reservoir

You can go wakeboarding from July to October on this reservoir, which serves as the storage lake for the Hornberg snowmaking system. It is Europe’s highest-altitude wakeboarding and water skiing facility.

Downhill scooter run on the Rinderberg

If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, you can hire a scooter at the Rinderberg middle station and go whizzing down the mountain at full speed ahead. These scooters are sturdily constructed, which makes them ideal for riding on the mountains. A fun-filled experience is guaranteed.


Hiking highlight Wispile-Lake Lauenen

Hike to the Lauenensee

Please take notice!

  • The gondola Wispile has ended its summer season on 1. november 2020.

The Wispile-Lake Lauenen hike

On this tour you will experience all the magic of hiking. The route takes you from the 1,900 metre high Wispile and then over the ridge and on to the renowned nature reserve at Lake Lauenen. Once there, you have a choice of refreshment options available to you. This hiking route strongly highlights the stunning beauty of the Alps. It features an incomparable panorama over the Saanenland and views of the region’s peaks that are over 3,000 metres high.


Activities on this hike

Wispile Playground

The playground with wooden and stone elements offers a panoramic view onto the mountains around Gstaad. It offers water fun, a climbing garden, fantastic slides, swings and areas to relax and chill out.

Wispile Petting Zoo

Guests will find an adventure stable with petting zoo integrated into the playground. The climbing garden is not only lots of fun for kids, but also for the goats, which can retreat back to their own place at any time.

Cool off in Lake Lauenen

Lake Lauenen in all its glory is set right in the middle of a nature reserve. It is an ideal destination for hikers, nature lovers and romantics.

Chalet Villages Lauenen and Gsteig

The hike will take you through lovely alpine landscapes to Lauenen and Gsteig. A walk to the historical center of the chalet villages is well worthwhile not only because of the exciting historical background …

Picnic while on the trail

A simple picnic never tastes better than on a hike. And it’s even better when you’re sampling the local delicacies. So do make the most of the wide variety of tasty treats on offer in the Saanenland.

Fondueland Gstaad

Fondueland Gstaad is the perfect place to enjoy a tasty fondue while surrounded by mountainous natural beauty. In fact, it is here that the fresh air and the lush grasses and herbs in the meadows help to produce such excellent cheese.


Hiking highlight Col du Pillon-Feutersoey

The Col du Pillon-Feutersoey hike

An easy, but no less beautiful hike takes you from Col du Pillon to Lake Arnen. Especially in autumn, the magical colors of nature come alive and there are always great vantage points with a view onto the lake. Here, in the „small Canada“ of Saanenland, you can enjoy local specialties at the „Huus am Arnensee“ and the surrounding peacefulness of nature makes you more aware of such happy moments.


Activities on this hike

Three-Lakes hike with a view

A must for all those who love mountain lakes. This hike starts at Lake Retaud, passes by a small mountain lake before Alp Seeberg and then finishes at Lake Arnen. The panorama is unbeatable.

Experience at Lake Arnen

It doesn’t matter whether you enjoy the peacefulness of nature or you prefer to actively enjoy the lake – at Lake Arnen everything is possible: SUP, fishing, bathing your feet and then satisfying your hunger while barbecuing at selected areas around the lake.

Huus am Arnensee

The restaurant on Lake Arnen has a large sun terrace and a playground directly on the lake. Here hikers and nature lovers will be spoiled with regional delicacies.

Useful links for this hike

Arnensee-Feutersoey: "Mitfahrbank" - Bench, where car-drivers can pick you up. Located at the Lake Arnen dam for rides to Feutersoey.


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Saani, the cheeky small goat, stands for the family activities in the region. The destination offers family many attractive experiences. Two unique mountain playgrounds can be found on the Wispile and Rinderberg. The adventure hiking trails Gstaad-Saanen and Saanenmöser-Schönried invite the whole family to explore nature. The STATION, a special area for playing and experimenting, opened in Saanen this winter. Additional activities for young and old can be discovered on our Saani-page.