Short stays

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2 hours in Gstaad


  • Promenade: Shopping and sightseeing
  • Chapel of St. Nikolaus & catholic church
  • Cheese Cave (on request): A monument to the cheese! More than 3,000 cheeses, including some historical rarities, set within a sophisticated lighting, the cheese Cave Gstaad welcomes visitors to learn about cheeses and taste its flavours.
  • Cheese aging facility (upon request)
  • Walk through Gstaad Oberbort: Above the heart of Gstaad you will find beautiful, traditional and modern chalets. Explore this area by passing by the 5* Hotels Gstaad Palace and The Alpina Gstaad.



3 hours in Gstaad

  • Guided village-tour Saanen (Book a tour with the Guides Gstaad Saanenland,, Tel. +41 79 100 43 44 or at EXPLORA GSTAAD,, Tel. +41 77 419 16 16) They show you the beautiful village and interesting museum of Saanen. You will learn a lot about the history, the nature, the culture, the buildings.
  • Wispile Cheese Trail The Wispile is the place to be if you are a lover of nature and interested in learning more about traditional methods of cheese making. There are now new and interesting information boards along the Cheese Trail.
  • Horneggli Flower Trail Lots of interesting plants, colourful blooms and exciting names await hikers along the flower trail on the Hornberg. The starting point is easily accessible via the Horneggli chairlift in Schönried. The two sections of this trail are located to the north and south of the mountain station around the Hornfluh. A third steeper section is located on the way up to Hornfluh. The best time of year for this walk is from the end of June to mid-October.
  • Panoramaweg Gruben (approx. 1.20h)
  • Turbach Themed Trail: 14 information boards along this trail give an insight into the unique features of the Turbach Valley. The information boards explain the origins of the place names, local history and geological features.
  • Lauenen Sculpture Trail (approx. 1h): Foresters have carved native animals out of tree stumps with chainsaws along the existing Lauenen - Rohr - Lake Lauenen trail. The carvings blend harmoniously into the natural landscape.
  • Lake Lauenen Trail (approx. 1h): Situated in the heart of a nature reserve, the splendour of Lake Lauenen is an ideal destination for hikers, nature lovers and romantics alike. Boats are available for hire from the Lauenensee Restaurant.
  • Lake Arnen Woodland Trail (approx. 50 min): A number of information boards providing facts about trees and fishing in the area can be found along this circular route around Lake Arnen. (to be reached by private car or taxi approx. 20 minutes from Gstaad, hiking: 2h from Feutersoey)
  • Horse Carriage Ride (on request): Riding through the beautiful unspoiled countryside in a horse-drawn carriage or sleigh is one of the romantic highlights of any stay in the Destination Gstaad.

4 hours in Gstaad

  • High-rope Park: Zweisimmen high-rope park offers thrill-seekers of all ages an unforgettable experience in the tops of gigantic Obersimmental trees. There are five courses, which include funny rope ladders, crazy zip-wires (up to 150 m long) and daring jumps up to 20 metres off the ground
  • Alpine Cheese Dairy Tours
  • Glacier 3000: From the top of Gstaad's glacier you can see 24 summits over 4,000 metres, including Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn and the Bernese Alps. The mountain station with its Restaurant Botta, designed by the award-winning architect Mario Botta is worth a visit alone. The Refuge l'Espace offers stunning panoramic views... (to be reached by private car/public transportation or taxi approx. 30 minutes)
  • Hiking Trail Gstaad-Gsteig (approx. 2.30h): From Gstaad railway station the walk takes you along the promenade for a while in direction of Gsteig. From the Würstenkreisel roundabout follow Mattengässli across the valley floor. The river walk along the Saane begins at the Eggli valley station.From Gsteig take the postal bus back to Gstaad.
  • Hiking Trail Gstaad-Lauenen (approx. 4h)
  • Chastalet Circular Trail The village of Gsteig was first mentioned in an official record dating back to 1312 as a "Chastalet" (watch, defence or refuge tower). This circular trail is enchanting with the wild and untamed beauty of the Burgfälle waterfall. Boards along the route provide facts and information relating to the past and present of the municipality of Gsteig-Feutersoey(approx. 2.30h)
  • Hire a bike Gstaad-Lauenen-Gstaad (approx. 2.50h)
  • Bollywood-Tours Destination Gstaad (various durations): follow in the footsteps of Bollywood Stars; contact: Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus (, Tel.: +41 33 748 81 81), Guides Gstaad Saanenland (, Tel. +41 79 100 43 44) or EXPLORA GSTAAD (, Tel. +41 77 419 16 16).
  • Indian Film Location Tours Join us on a guided tour of Indian Film Locations in the majestic settings of the Gstaad valley including Saanen, Rougemont and Lauenen.