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Gstaads 4 Finger Loop

58,80 km
4:30 hrs.
976 m
967 m
TOP Difficult
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Gstaad, railway station
Destination of the tour
Gstaad, railway station
Lowest point
1.010 m
Highest point
1.384 m
  • Nice views
  • Round tour
  • With refreshment stops
  • Cultural/historical value
Source : Gstaad Saanenland

The 4-valleys-loop forms the basis of all shorter rides in the region of Gstaad. All the four valleys can be ridden at once or just one by one.

Ancient legends tell that God took a break by the creation of the world, rested and that his handprints created the Saanenland. The 4-valleys-round forms the basis of all shorter rides in the region of Gstaad. All the four valleys can be ridden at once or just one by one.
From Gstaad, follow the cycle way through Gruben to Schönried. Arrived at the main street in Schönried, turn left and just after right direction cable car station Rellerli. Past the valley station of the cable car Rellerli, continue on the asphaltic by-road that goes up to Bergmatte. From there goes quite a steep road down to Saanenmöser. The road leads back to Schönried and continue again a steep road down to Saanen. In Gstaad the route follows to the village Turbach. After the first houses, divert right to the steam and down to Bissen. Get down to Bissen and enjoy on your way down the beautiful view over Gstaad, Rüblihorn and Gummfluh. At the school house in Bissen, turn left direction Trom and drive on the cycle way to Lauenen. Just before Lauenen waits the "Mur de Lauenen", a short but up to 20% steep gain into the centre of the village of Lauenen. Follow along the main street from Lauenen back to Gstaad and then on the bike path in direction Gsteig. The short rise to Saali with its swamp willows and old farmhouses and after back to Gstaad.

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Gstaad - Gruben - Schönried - Bergmatte - Saanenmöser - Schönried - Saanen - Gstaad - Turbach - Bissen - Trom - Lauenen - Gstaad - Gsteig - Saali - Gstaad
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In the historic center of the village Lauenen is a good location for a break in one of the special inns. There is the possibility for a short additional round to the lake of Lauenen (+45 minutes).
Public Transit
Gstaad station
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