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The Destination Gstaad is still an insider’s tip for keen road bikers. Enjoy unforgettable moments in the saddle as you combine uniquely varied touring and training options with Alpine adventure, physical and mental revitalisation, and endless fun.


In 1950, the future Tour de Suisse overall winner and "Pédaleur de Charme" Hugo Koblet won the stage from Lausanne to Gstaad. Since then, the road bike sport is well established in the Destination. The Destination is still a secret tip for road bike athletes. It combines in a unique way varied tours with alpine experience, excellent regeneration opportunities and indulgence.

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Tour de France 2016 Teiletappe Gstaad-Emosson The pro route - featured in Le Tour de France 2016 108,54 km 6:50 hrs. 2.663 m 1.754 m 73 TOP Difficult Source : Gstaad Saanenland Tour de France 2016 Teiletappe Bern-Gstaad Featured in Le Tour de France 2016 88,65 km 4:50 hrs. 1.024 m 531 m 70 TOP Difficult Source : Gstaad Saanenland Gstaads 4 Finger Loop The four valleysAncient legends tell that God took a break by the creation of the world, rested and that his handprints created the Saanenland. The 4-valleys-round forms the basis of all shorter rides in the region of Gstaad. All the four valleys can be driven at once or just one by one. 59,09 km 3:30 hrs. 976 m 968 m 68 TOP Difficult Source : Gstaad Saanenland Tour de Gastlosen: Saanen - Mittelbergpass - Abländschen - Jaunpass - Zweisimmen - Saanen The tour starts at Saanen and mostly secondary roads are used. It's a beautiful route via Abländschen and Zweisimmen back to Saanen. The Mittelberg pass and the thrilling downhill from Jaun pass are the highlights of the tour. 62,14 km 4:00 hrs. 1.658 m 1.658 m 68 TOP Difficult Source : Gstaad Saanenland Tour de l'Hongrin This round is going to be on solitary side streets, some with rough surface which sometimes remind of pavé sections in northern part of France or the Rapha Gentlemen Races. With the landscape impressions it is a special and beautiful tour. 70,34 km 4:00 hrs. 929 m 929 m 66 TOP Difficult Source : Gstaad Saanenland Tour de Gstaad classique: Gstaad - Col du Pillon - Les Voëttes - Col des Mosses - Château-d'Oex - Gstaad The classic from Gstaad with two Alpine passes, white mountain peaks, a non-direct climb to les Voëttes and the great descent to Château-d'Oex. 63,08 km 3:45 hrs. 1.125 m 1.125 m 65 TOP Difficult Source : Gstaad Saanenland Tour de la reine sud The Col du Pillon and the Col de la Croix are the two known passes that were already on the road map of the Tour de Suisse and Tour de Romandie. The little-known ascent of Yvorne to Lac Hongrin (12 km, 1100 hm) is a challenge. 120,31 km 7:45 hrs. 2.670 m 2.679 m 60 Difficult Source : Gstaad Saanenland Gstaad - Turbach - Wintermatte - Bissen - Gstaad A little loop into Turbach valley. Just a quick jump on the roadbike. Also part of the 4 Finger loop. 16,64 km 1:00 hrs. 373 m 373 m 59 Moderate Source : Gstaad Saanenland Strade Bianche di Simmental This mid-length tour, partly on nature road, has a 18 km long climb which creates alpine pass feeling and where a gravel section («Strade Bianche») is waiting. The descent to Grubenwald is very steep, narrow and short unpaved. Caution! 78,66 km 7:00 hrs. 1.750 m 1.750 m 58 Difficult Source : Gstaad Saanenland Saanenmöser - Hornberg - Saanenmöser One of our beautiful deadend roads. From Saanenmöser to the Hornberg you ride several nice serpentines. 11,90 km 1:00 hrs. 547 m 547 m 57 Moderate Source : Gstaad Saanenland Tour de Gruyère A beautiful medium-long tour on secondary roads leads through the authentic home of the famous Swiss cheese «Gruyère». The long final ascent from Jaun to the Mittelberg pass is not to be underestimated. 79,88 km 3:30 hrs. 1.269 m 1.276 m 55 Difficult Source : Gstaad Saanenland Giro di Simmental The short and varied tour in the Simmental performs mostly on secondary roads. The ascents to Rossberg and Chärnefang create passes feeling and in between at Weissenburg is short 18 % ramp waiting. 45,09 km 3:00 hrs. 1.034 m 1.034 m 55 Moderate Source : Gstaad Saanenland Königsrunde Nord The king round to the north contains many kilometres, more altitude and all this with a variety of roads and landscapes. With the Gurnigel pass and the Jaun pass it conquers two well-known and long passes. In the canton Fribourg the route leads to the picturesque western side of... 163,02 km 9:30 hrs. 2.545 m 2.545 m 55 Difficult Source : Gstaad Saanenland Giro di Röstigrabe This is a short tour crossing the linguistic border to Château-d'Oex. On the beautiful back roads the tour around the «La Laitemaire» offers a longer rise and unusual scenic views in all directions. 40,77 km 2:30 hrs. 864 m 864 m 53 Moderate Source : Gstaad Saanenland Zweisimmen - Sparenmoos - Zweisimmen After Zweisimmen the road winds up to Sparenmoos. Once you reach the top bikers can experience a unique mire landscape and fabulous views. Alternatively, the Zweisimmen-Sparenmoos hiking trail can also be used (partly single trail). 17,04 km 1:30 hrs. 691 m 691 m 53 Moderate Source : Gstaad Saanenland