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Trütlisberg Bike Nr. 891: Gstaad - Lauenen - Trütlisberg - Turbach - Gstaad

26,20 km
4:00 hrs.
938 m
934 m
S3 Difficult
Best season
Starting point of the tour
Gstaad, station
Lowest point
1.049 m
Highest point
1.988 m
  • Nice views
  • Round tour
  • With refreshment stops
  • Botanical highlights
Source : Gstaad Saanenland
Starting in cosmopolitan Gstaad, this circular tour links the romantically situated Lauenen with the largely agricultural Turbach valley across the Trütlisberg pass and, in doing so, circles the Giferspitz, the local mountain of Gstaad.

The trail starts in the cosmopolitan village of Gstaad with its distinctive chalet style and lush green Alpine meadows. Situated idyllically, at the end of the valley which rises gently towards the south is the mountain village of Lauenen, where local culture, old traditions and gentle tourism complement one another harmoniously. To the south of this, the mighty three-thousand-metre peaks of the Wildhorn and Oldenhorn constitute the border with the Waadt canton and Valais cantons. Colourful rough pastures line the route periphery above the «Sunnigi Louwene».

Distinctly more sparse vegetation characterises the Turbachtal on the other side of the Trütlisberg pass. The further one travels along the Turbachbach in the valley, the greener the fields become. Steep slopes on the left and right surround the remote valley, only the lower part of which is inhabited all year round and known for its over 75-year-old livestock cooperative.

When climbing the Trütlisberg via Lauenen, a very steep section is encountered from point 1539 «Flueweid» onwards. From Wintermatte Trail next to the river possible.

Several carrying sections on the single trail, if climbing the Trütlisberg via Turbachtal. Single trail, sections of which in marsh / narrow iron gratings. Not advisable after rainy periods.

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Gstaad - Lauenen - Sunnigi Louwene - Uf der Flue - Türli - Birchi - Turbach - Gstaad

Safety information
Technically challenging tour; for proficient e-mountain bikers only.
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