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Cycling with the support of a silent, environmentally-friendly electric motor is a special pleasure for the fitness-conscious, for whom enjoyment is more important than the effort expended. Less athletic cycling enthusiasts can thus extend their sphere of activity in this way. The Destination Gstaad offers fully-equipped electric bike facilities and over 150 km of routes.

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Tour de Gstaad classique: Gstaad - Col du Pillon - Les Voëttes - Col des Mosses - Château-d'Oex - Gstaad The classic loop from Gstaad with two Alpine passes, white mountain peaks, a quite climb to les Voëttes and the great descent to Château-d'Oex. 62,80 km 4:45 hrs. 1.117 m 1.117 m 73 TOP Difficult Source : Gstaad Saanenland Gstaads 4 Finger Loop The 4-valleys-loop forms the basis of all shorter rides in the region of Gstaad. All the four valleys can be ridden at once or just one by one. 58,80 km 4:30 hrs. 976 m 967 m 73 TOP Difficult Source : Gstaad Saanenland Gstaad – Arnensee - Gstaad From Gstaad to the Arnensee and back with the E-Bike. 29,15 km 2:30 hrs. 595 m 595 m 73 TOP Moderate Source : Gstaad Saanenland Tour de Gastlosen: Saanen - Mittelbergpass - Abländschen - Jaunpass - Zweisimmen - Saanen The tour starts at Saanen and mostly secondary roads are used. It's a beautiful route via Abländschen and Zweisimmen back to Saanen. The Mittelberg pass and the thrilling downhill from Jaun pass are the highlights of the tour. 62,31 km 5:30 hrs. 1.658 m 1.658 m 72 TOP Difficult Source : Gstaad Saanenland Dörferweg: Zweisimmen - Grubenwald - Mannried - Schlatt - Zweisimmen A easy and simple tour around the gate of the destination of Gstaad. 11,81 km 1:00 hrs. 199 m 200 m 71 TOP Easy Source : Gstaad Saanenland Tour de la reine sud A big loop to the south. 2 batteries necessary. 119,53 km 10:00 hrs. 2.619 m 2.628 m 70 TOP Difficult Source : Gstaad Saanenland Tour de Gruyère With the e-bike through the ancient county of Gruyère. 79,51 km 6:00 hrs. 1.261 m 1.268 m 67 TOP Difficult Source : Gstaad Saanenland Gstaad - Lake Lauenen - Gstaad Easy and amazing e-bike tour to the famous lake Lauenen. 24,14 km 2:30 hrs. 358 m 358 m 64 Moderate Source : Gstaad Saanenland Giro di Röstigrabe This is a short tour crossing the linguistic border to Château-d'Oex. 40,56 km 3:30 hrs. 863 m 863 m 63 Moderate Source : Gstaad Saanenland Giro di Simmental The short and varied tour in the Simmental performs mostly on backroads. 44,82 km 3:45 hrs. 1.013 m 1.013 m 63 Moderate Source : Gstaad Saanenland Saanen - Gstaad - Gsteig - Col du Pillon - Lac Retaud From Feutersoey continue on the street to Gsteig and follow the mountain pass toCol du Pillon. From the top of the pass, there is a final significant climb of about 150 metres up to the Lake Retaud (swimming is possible). The area is the perfect place for a picnic. 22,49 km 2:00 hrs. 676 m 0 m 60 Easy Source : Gstaad Saanenland Saanen - Saanenmöser - Oeschseite - Zweisimmen This route is part of the national route number 9 from Montreux to Rorschach.From Saanen it follows the course of the Saane river to Gstaad. From there the road passes Gruben and leads through the villages of Schönried and Saanenmöser. Further, the street follows on the right... 17,36 km 1:30 hrs. 270 m 339 m 57 Moderate Source : Gstaad Saanenland Saanenmöser - Hornberg - Saanenmöser The helpful assistance of the electrobike can be used to the full on the steady climb from Saanenmöser. The effort is certainly worth it as the view from the Hornberg down into the valley and over the mountains is spectacular. The downhill return offers lots of cycling pleasure. 11,90 km 1:15 hrs. 547 m 547 m 53 Moderate Source : Gstaad Saanenland Gstaad - Turbach - Wintermatte - Bissen - Gstaad This route for landscape enthusiasts and families starts in Gstaad, passes the pretty Turbach valley and continues to Wintermatte via the village Turbach. On the way back the route leads via Bissen, where you can enjoy wonderful views towards Gstaad, before heading back to the... 16,66 km 1:30 hrs. 373 m 373 m 53 Moderate Source : Gstaad Saanenland Zweisimmen - Sparenmoos - Zweisimmen One of our beautiful dead ends. 17,07 km 1:45 hrs. 691 m 692 m 50 Moderate Source : Gstaad Saanenland Saanen - Gstaad - Feutersoey - Gsteig An easy e-bike tour mostly on narrow asphalt roads leads from Saanen via Gstaad to Feutersoey and Gsteig. In between there are alternatively some dirt road parts along the river Saane to ride. From Feutersoey a short intermediate climb up to Saali and down to Gsteig opens the... 14,90 km 1:15 hrs. 250 m 78 m 48 Easy Source : Gstaad Saanenland