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Sponsoring of a wooden bench or a wooden sun lounger

Get your personal wooden bench/wooden sun lounger at your favourite location, right now!

The Saanenland has over 500 wooden benches and 10 wooden sun loungers. These are maintained by our infrastructure team.

You can personalize a wooden bench/wooden sun lounger and have it set up at your favourite location in consultation with us. The sponsors will stay anonymous.

With a sponsorship of CHF 540, you will be the owner of a wooden bench in the Saanenland for at least seven years. You become owner of a wooden sun lounger for five years with a sponsorship of CHF 1500.

As soon as the sponsorship expires, we will contact you and you can extend your sponsoring if you wish.


This is how it works:

Contact for further informations

Gstaad Saanenland Tourismus
Promenade 41
3780 Gstaad/Switzerland
Tel +41 33 748 81 81