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Published: 21. April 2021 - Source: Gstaad Yacht Club

THE GYC Racing Team has the Gstaad ADN.

In 2010 the GYC launched its Racing Team project with the sole intention of supporting young talented sailors to become professionals and achieve the top in the sailing sports. The project, which has given Gstaad and the GYC much more than a handful of reasons to celebrate, has matured for over a decade and the initial goal was as well achieved long ago!

Nils Theuninck is a GYC Sport member committed to make the Swiss people proud and was just recently nominated Number One in the world in the Finn Class by World Sailing, the “…World Governing body for the sport of sailing…”.
This major achievement in the sailing career of Nils, turns up after many other titles he collected and is as a very special reward for the commitment and passion he has put into the sport.
Even though you are not considered No. 1 in the World every day, Nils who is as well member in the Club Nautique de Pully did not have the time to lay-back and savour the moment. He travelled to his next major sailing event in Vilamoura (PT).
In the South of Portugal, Nils was decided to make history again, and after 6 days of intense racing competing with athletes from all over the world, Nils made it to the 3rd place in the podium, conquering a Bronze Medal to Switzerland in the European Championship competition. The last medal brought to Switzerland was 30 years ago by Othmar Müller von Blumencron! Nils reaction after the ending of the competition; "This regatta was a very good training for the world championships. I am very happy with the way it has gone. The beginning was quite difficult, but I managed to navigate better afterwards. Winning the last round shows that I can perform under pressure, it's a great achievement". Also in mind, was the long period of time that sailing competitions had to be cancelled or postponed due to the Coronavirus, preventing Nils to compete with his most direct opponents and for that reason the European Championship was a good test showing that, although some details have to be fine-tuned, Nils his in good shape and he still has the necessary speed "It's reassuring to see that even if I don't make a perfect copy, I manage to get on the podium.".
The regatta in Vilamoura was faced by Nils and many other athletes as a warmup for the next sailing event, which for some will be the most important of all, the World Championship.
Nils his now focused on qualifying Switzerland to the Olympic Games in the Finn Class and so the following destination will be Porto (PT) to train for two weeks and compete in the World Championship taking place in the same city in early May. The regatta will determine the last two eligible athletes for the 2021 edition of the Olympic Games.
Eliot Merceron, also GYC Racing Team sailor in the Laser class is now competing in the 2021 ILCA Vilamoura European Continental Qualification in Portugal. Eliot is as well sailing for his qualification to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. (
Joining the GYC fleet is Mateo Sanz Lanz, already holding the qualification to the Olympic Games in the RS.X category.
Gstaad is making its way in the sport and is showing to the world, like other Swiss clubs and destinations, that Switzerland is also a country of excellent sailors!

Editors' notes:
The Gstaad Yacht Club was founded in 1998 by a group of sailor enthusiasts with the vision to "create a unique global yacht club away from the waters, instead of another local club by the waters". Based in the Swiss mountains and in the beginning, very often acknowledged with surprise, the GYC developed to a club with 400 members from over 20 different countries and to a place where members and their guests love to meet. The GYC supports sailing projects on all levels from juniors to professional sailors and it has become a solid force on the Swiss sailing scene and especially among Olympic sailing and the classic yachts.

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