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Published: 18. June 2020 - Source: Glacier 3000 AG

Artists honor artists at 3’000 meters above sea level

During the Corona crisis, Glacier 3000 made its infrastructure available to 6 artists who are going to perform at the Glacier 3000 Air Show. With the most challenging performance of his career Freddy Nock will try to break three world records.

The Glacier 3000 Air Show is taking place on the 23rd of June. How did that come about? In the middle of the Corona crisis the event agency Show-On approached the Glacier 3000 with an idea: The closed down funiculars could serve artists as a spectacular stage.

Due to the lockdown maintenance works could already be done in March and April. Glacier 3000 took the chance to make its infrastructure available to a handful of artists so they could train in high alpine territory. The exceptional programs can be seen at the Glacier 3000 Air Show presented by Show-On.

Three world records on steel cable

Freddy Nock is known as the best high wire runner in the world holding 22 world records today. At the Glacier 3000 Airshow the athlete wants to break another three world records on the steel cables between the stations Col du Pillon (1546m) and Scex Rouge (3000m). He describes the performance as the most difficult in his career. Freddy Nock is going to challenge physical and mental limits under high alpine conditions. Still he sticks to his principle of not using any protection.

One of the challenges will be to walk a distance of 300 meters on the cable with a slope of 45,8 degrees – the current record lays at 38,06 degrees. His second attempt includes cycling the cable at an exceptional height. The record to be beaten is currently at a height of 72.5 m. The third record attempt has been exclusively developed for the Glacier 3000 Airshow: Freddy Nock puts on an untransparent helmet and balances on 900 meters of steel cable completely blind!

Fascinating acrobatics performed at the Glacier

The same morning Show-On-Events presents five more artists who perform in front of 24 four thousand meter-high peaks. The Italian artist Sheila Nicolodi is showing an acrobatic Pole-Dance-Performance on the highest point of the Glacier 3000 which can be reached by the famous Peak Walk by Tissot – the only hanging bridge which connects two mountain peaks!

Swiss artist Ramon Kathriner performs on a spectacular stage as well. He will dance Piano Swing Pole on the roof of restaurant Botta and move in the well-known «wheel of death». Also David Maillard shows his acrobatic skills attached to an elastic band hanging underneath the gondola.

The show is accompanied by famous DJ Michel Cleis and presented by the jazzman-actor Troy Anderson who is playing the role of Louis Armstrong in the brand new movie «Capone» by Josh Trank, released in the USA in May 2020.

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