Netiquette Gstaad

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Destination Gstaad: dear friends

On our platforms you can find information, tips and ideas for excursions both around the region and in destination Gstaad. If you have any questions or complaints about our services and offers, please write to us directly or get in contact with our team by telephone (+41 33 748 81 81) or by email ( We will be pleased to answer and help you as quickly and simply as possible!

We take all of your posts seriously - and when possible do not want to delete any posts. To help us achieve this please make note of our 'Netiquette' when posting or making comments.

What all of us are pleased to see:

  • Positive and active commenting on, as well as sharing, our posts
  • Thoughtful and constructive suggestions
  • Appreciation for our work (it is nice to be thanked now and then)
  • Open, friendly and respectful contact with each other
  • Tolerance, even when there is a difference of opinion

Our slogan: first read, then think and then post!

What none of us like to see:

  • Abuse and insults
  • Sarcastic posts
  • Obviously false factual allegations
  • True factual assertions which harm the intimate, private or confidential sphere of people without any legitimate interest to members of the public
  • Attacks on human dignity
  • Inappropriate or harmful content
  • Violation of Swiss law, e.g. copyright or personal rights
  • SPAM

Motto: treat everyone as you would like to be treated yourself!

Tips for your protection

The dialogues on Facebook are public. Therefore please take note of the following guidelines when you contact us: for your own safety, never post personal data on Facebook (e.g. telephone, railcard or credit card numbers)!

If we do happen to find such entries we reserve the right to delete them straight away in the interests of all users.

We look forward to having 'Netiquette-friendly' conversations with you on our platforms.

Your Gstaad Team