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Published: 15. November 2018 - Source: MOB

The chocolate train undergoes a transformation

The Cailler chocolate factory, the medieval city of Gruyères, La Maison du Gruyère… From 1 May, the MOB chocolate train will set off once more to explore the treasures of the region.

The year 2019 will however bring some changes. Following the introduction of automatic coupling, various logistical and technical requirements have led to a review of train’s configuration.

To be specific:

From 2019, the train will be composed solely of ‘Belle Epoque’ carriages. The golden locomotive, emblem of the chocolate train, will make way for the new 9000 self-propelled train. MOB’s most prestigious carriages will combine luxury and comfort (air conditioning).

After the journey from Montreux to Montbovon – MOB’s most spectacular route – travellers will continue their adventure aboard the luxury bus in the same colours as the chocolate train until their return to Montreux.

This entails a change in schedule: departure at 08:44 from Montreux (not at 08:57 as originally planned). The direct return to Montreux, via the motorway, will allow an earlier arrival at 16:15 (instead of 17:26).

There is now second-class travel on the train journey at a lower price than first class travel. First class will remain unchanged.

As for the rest, the MOB chocolate train will still make four weekly trips in May and June (Monday – Thursday) and three in September and October (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday). It will continue to make daily trips in July and August. Now running for over 20 years, the chocolate train proves a great success with a varied international clientele year after year.

Europe : Niklaus Mani +41 21 989 81 53
Overseas: Jean-François Morerod +41 21 989 81 56