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Published: 25. February 2019 - Source: Glacier 3000 SA


The sun hasn’t come up before the first gondola leaves the Col du Pillon. On this first ride one can find the mechanic’s and the ski patrol who are in charge of the security of the ski resort. With them, heavy material for the maintenance of the installations. Slowly as the gondola arrives at the Scex Rouge, the sun shows its first rays on the Glacier 3000, the mountains surrounding it and gives light to those who have been working all night perfectionating the slopes.

In the silence of the morning, the only continuous sound one can hear, at the Scex Rouge, comes from the snow groomers all around the area. The closer they come, the stronger the sound gets, and the creature of steel appears, stopping just a few centimeters in front of our feet.

It’s time to embark on a journey with Cédric and Laurent, who have been working continuously to prepare an immaculate and secured slope for the first skiers.

We drive in direction of the Red Run, a new slope completely made of real snow which has established its image within the Glacier 3000 brand. Inaugurated in December 2017, the slope offers a chance to snow sports fans to ride down from 3,000 to 1,300 meters of altitude, all while admiring a breathtaking view.

The Red Run is an alternative to the famous black slope, the Combe d’Audon, which offers a first passage to the front door of the Cabane CAS des Diablerets, before it rejoins the mystique slope of the Martisberg, finishing by diving into the powdery snow of Reusch.

It’s 8km makes it the longest slope in the Alpes Vaudoises, while flirting with a 40% declivity, a red slope which offers great sensations.

But before being able to put on your skis, it is a meticulous work of precision and patience by the snow groomers.

The Red Run is an interesting slope to work with primarily because of its inclination but also because “It is in an area likely to be covered by snow movement, due to its deep slope, one cannot put in place security nets, therefore the specificity of this slope, is that one must build a long wall on the left side of it to make it safe for the guests. This wall has to be rebuilt every morning, even if there was not any snowfall during the night, as during the day the skiers continuously move the snow around.” Explained by Laurent, snow groomer at Glacier 3000.

When the work of the snow groomers is done, the ski patrol stakes the slope with diferent barriers, their priority is to assure that everything is secured.

It takes a team approach where all functions and competences are established and defined.
Once the slope is secured, the ski patrol offers the "good to go" to the impatient skiers ready to attack the Red Run!

We are looking forward, to welcoming you on the Red Run, to experience the work of our team yourself.

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