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Published: 29. October 2018 - Source: Gstaad 3000 SA

Glacier 3000: Opening of the Winter Season on November 3, 2018

After six weeks of intensive maintenance work to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the cable cars, Glacier 3000 will be ready for its season opening on Saturday, November 3, 2018. Throughout the summer and over the last few weeks, lots of difficult work has been done to ensure the safety and comfort of the first skiers who will soon be racing down the slopes. As the glacier is considered living matter, these complex tasks had to be carried out very carefully by the Glacier 3000 team.

The glacier, which is a spectacular and magical place for winter activities, is also living matter and that makes it difficult to work with. The movements of the ice must be monitored on a long-term basis, so that the installations can be maintained against breaks and shifts. In summer, work is done to keep the mountain railways safe in the ice. The safety and comfort of the winter guests are at the heart of the work done by the Glacier 3000 maintenance team. For example, snow groomers and mechanical shovels are used to fill the glacier crevasses formed in summer. The ski and rescue manager at Glacier 3000, Sébastien Giraldi, is looking forward to the upcoming season opening: "We can hardly wait to welcome the first visitors who will benefit from our fantastic slopes! We have undertaken major safety and installation work on the glacier”.

The opening of the winter season is scheduled for Saturday, November 3, 2018. The Dôme slope, the two snowpark lines, the cross-country ski trail and the glacier access will be the first to open - subject to weather conditions, of course. Further information can be found on the Glacier 3000 website.

So that the 184 snow-filled days of the winter season at Glacier 3000 can be enjoyed to the fullest, season passes are now on sale at a special price. The offer is valid until November 15th. Ticket sales and information are available at

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