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Published: 23. July 2019 - Source: Glacier 3000 Run

12. Glacier 3000 Run

Three weeks away from Race-Day, everyone, be it runners or organizers, are getting ready for the
Glacier 3000 Run. This event will take place on the 10th August 2019. The organizational committee of
this event include 8 persons taking care of race & runner management, staff, F&B, and administation.
Dirk Herrgesell, responsible for the F&B, offers us a glance into his world of preparing the course and
influencer Mirko Tagliabue (@theveganmountaineer), shares the details of his preparation for this
intensive run.

Coming from the gastronomy sector, Dirk Herrgesell, owners of the Roosterbar in Reusch, has been part of the organization of the Run since the beginning. With the help of his team and our sponsor Sponser, each year they organize the whole F&B concept for the event including the starting and finish line, 12 different break points, and the tent area.

An impressive quantity of merchandise is ordered to support the runners during the race, here are just a few insights of what’s needed:

  • 170kg of fruit 
  • 1’512 L of Iso Drink
  • 3’500 L of mineral water & Coca Cola
  • 41’500 cups
  • 2’400 Gel
  • 1’800 sponges for refreshment

It takes Dirk 3 weeks to get everything ready for the big day, as it is a coordination between ordering, delivering to different locations (including helicopter rides to 3000m), and organizing to meet the needs of the runners, no matter what condition.

Mirko Tagliabue, the instagramer @theveganmountaineer, is a vegan mountain sports lover, and this year is the first time, that he will participate in the Glacier 3000 Run.

Being a vegan has different impacts on his running life. The most important impact is that Mirko sees a great improvement in his recovery time. This is also helped by having a vegan nutritionist who gives him guidelines in terms of meal plans. In addition, Mirko is also sponsored by Mulebar, a Swiss based firm creating bio & Vegan F&B for sports enjoyers.

These points combined give him the chance to train at a very high altitude for the Glacier 3000 Run. For Race day, F&B Director, Dirk, is aware of the key nutritional elements for the runners, where he works with the supply companies, to ensure that there are options available for everyone. Yet what keeps Mirko ‘fueled’ more than anything, is his motivation to compete against others and to have the chance to explore Switzerland during these competitions. When asked about his feeling towards the run he said:

“I am very excited and training hard towards this race, it seems to be a cool and runnable race with only partially flat and uphill sections, this is what I prefer.”

Mirko shares many insights of his training with his Instagram community regularly, where he gives them tips and tricks.

Start places are still available in all categories of the Glacier 3000 Run, including the Nordic Walking route (6 km from Oldenegg) and the relay. The Gstaads Kids Run will take place on Saturday afternoon in the heart of this beautiful destination. A late registration fee of CHF 20 will be charged from 29th July 2019. Special day passes for shuttle buses and Glacier gondela passes are available for all spectators and accompanying persons at the special price of CHF 50 for adults and CHF 25 for children on site at the ice rink in Gstaad. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting race as a runner or spectator!Further information and registration: 

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