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Published: 11. June 2019 - Source: Glacier 3000 Run

12. Glacier 3000 Run

Two months away from the infamous Glacier 3000 Run, which takes place on the 10th August 2019, the organizational committee is preparing to get everything ready. What one does not realize, is how much work goes into goes into hosting a running event like this. Richard Müller, Race Director, offers us a glance into his world of preparing the course and influencer Patrick Imboden (@swiss_mountainrunner), shares the details of his preparation for this intensive run.

Tall, lanky, and somehow always in a good mood, Richard Müller represents the runner at heart. “I love trail running because it offers an extremely technical aspect for the runner to be prepared in all weather conditions, all while being able to enjoy the freedom of unforgettable moments in nature.” This passion for running and doing trail runs is what led him to compete for the first time in the Glacier 3000 Run some years ago. It is the most eventful of competitions that Richard has run” across.
He explains the importance of this adventure by now being able to take perspective when organizing the course itself. “I know the route by heart, meaning I know which parts are the hardest and the most technical areas, the moments the runners will hit the mental wall, when the muscles are releasing too much acid and knowing the feeling of that adrenaline high which the athlete needs, in order to push himself to the end.” To continuously be able to understand these feelings and to further develop the run, Richard puts on his running shoes each summer and verifies the whole route.

At the same time Patrick Imboden is training for the different races this season. “All day long we live in our comfort zone, running gives me the possibility to step outside, to try to see how fast I can run.” Normally his training schedule include runs from 600 to 3’000 meters which is ideal to cover the altitude change needed for the Glacier 3000 Run. This year, the Walliser has decided to participate as an athlete and influencer as he enjoys challenging himself because (as he says with a big smile):
“I love to eat cake, so I have to earn it.”
On D-day, the event starts with the masses of crowds encouraging the runners as they warm up for the start of their journey. Running on the side of the beautiful Saane, through the fields of green with a slow upward elevation. It is not until Gsteig, that the runner feels the real physical challenge of this competition. It is from Reusch onward that the runner has to understand the importance of the technical aspect of running yet at the same time he has a peaceful appreciation for the mountain atmosphere, surrounded by edelweiss, marmots and the general wilderness of the environment. The moment of anticipation is the passage over the glacier with the white peaks Walliser mountains in the background which is what motivates Richard each year to offer this experience to the runners. £
“The biggest challenge is not necessarily giving attention to the fastest runners but rather to those who are less trained because by the time they arrive at 3’000 meters, they truly hit exhaustion.”
Richard’s advice to runners who have never done the Glacier 3000 Run would be to first participate as a team, this way you can get to know what it requires to physically achieve the entire run. Also, runners should be aware that the hardest part of the run takes place at 2’500 meters. It is therefore, highly recommended to have part of your training plan at this altitude which is why Patrick has decided: “to add long uphill session with snowy parts to my training plan because running on snow and ice requires a lot of power.” But the most important element is to enjoy pushing yourself to your limits and mainly to have fun and enjoy the day!

Start places are still available in all categories of the Glacier 3000 Run, including the Nordic Walking route (6 km from Oldenegg) and the Kids Run, which will take place on Saturday afternoon in the center of Gstaad. A late registration fee of CHF 20 will be charged from 29 July 2019. Special day passes for shuttle buses and mountain railways are available for all spectators and accompanying persons at the special price of CHF 50 for adults and CHF 20 for children on site at the ice rink in Gstaad. We look forward to welcoming you to this exciting race as a runner or spectator! Further information and registration:

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