Restaurant Golf

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General Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions purchase of the card

  • Each card can be loaded up with a random amount from CHF 20 up to CHF 5‘000. It is possible to reload the card a bunch of times.
  • The card can be purchased and loaded up at the restaurant Golf.
  • The customer has to check the card immediately upon receipt and report deficiencies straightaway. Subsequent, not directly reported reclamations will not be considered.
  • After activation the credit of the card can be used for payment at all participating outlets and service providers.


  • With the credit on the card, the owner of the card can purchase goods and services in the restaurant Golf and Eggli.
  • The card is transferable and impersonal. The Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad SA assumes no liability for loss, theft or damage to the card. The responsibility for the card and the credit thereon lies with the owner.
  • Each card has a card number and a CVC code on the reverse. In case of loss, the card can be blocked by Bergbahnen Destination Gstaad SA if you provide these numbers.
  • Purchased cards can neither be returned nor paid out in cash.
  • If payment is not possible due to a technical disruption, the right to refuse the payment with the card is reserved.
  • The balance on the card can be used for full or partial payments. A cash payment of the remaining balance is not possible.
  • This card remains valid for 3 years. If the voucher card is not used within this time, the credit will be forfeited.
  • In the Golf Club restaurant a discount of 5% is granted when paying with the card.