Find your Further

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16.03.2021 | Cooperations · Skitouring

„Find your further“ – how will and passion can overcome limits

«Find your further» – finding and overcoming your own limits. Flavia Frautschi had to master many obstacles after a serious accident. The destination partner Helly Hansen decided to use Flavia’s story in its campaign „Find your further“. This biography inspired us because her passion for sport and an unbreakable will literally got Flavia back on her feet and into the mountains again.



In June 2017, the life of the young woman from Saanenland changed dramatically in one brief moment. During a Hike&Fly with a paraglider, Flavia crashed and was seriously injured. The spinal cord was damaged by fractured vertebra and doctors gave her little hope of ever being able to walk on her own again. This limitation seems insurmountable, quite far outside of her comfort zone. But step by step, with much patience, will and perhaps a bit of luck, Flavia overcomes this limitation.

Even before her accident, she draws her strength from nature. Already as a child, she spends every free minute outside; she wants to become a ski racer. Unfortunately, this dream does not come true, so Flavia looks for a challenge elsewhere. She becomes a ski instructor, starts with formation skiing, freeriding and undertakes countless ski tours. The feeling of freedom during the descents inspires her and she has long since found her big passion. With mountain climbing as an additional sport, Flavia has found her place in life. However, the accident shatters her whole world.

Six months in the Swiss Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil for Flavia who is such a nature lover. Her room is covered in pictures of mountains; she carries the love for the mountains in her heart. She slowly makes progress, can stand again and walks around on crutches. Shortly before leaving the rehabilitation centre, she takes a chance and tries to ski again on one of her weekends off at home. A first obstacle is overcome. Flavia is grateful, but sad. What was effortless before, like carving turns, can only be done with a stem turn and much effort. However, her passion continues to drive her. She searches for more „furthers“ and in the first winter she skis on increasingly steeper slopes. The second season is already much better thanks to physiotherapy and sport. Bit by bit, her confidence and body feeling come back and she can go on ski tours. With much perseverance and repetition Flavia is able to move around in the beloved outdoors. Barely four years after the accident, no traces of her injuries are visible when she skis or does ski tours, even longer tours are possible again. Her recommendation for a spring ski tour? „Definitely the tour from Glacier 3000 via Arpelistock to Geltenhütte. My favourite thing is to stay there two nights because of the two great alpine hut managers. The hut is the ideal starting point for a further tour the next day.“

During this whole time, Flavia also has to learn to listen to her body and accept its limits from time to time. Her biggest asset remains her passion for the mountain world. When she reaches a selected goal (a „further“), Flavia feels alive. She draws from life as if she would draw from a full barrel. Goals are a huge motivator and activate her inner strengths. One of Flavia’s goals will always remain: to fill life with love and joy and not to let herself be defined by the accident.

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