The Scent of Summer in Gstaad

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03.06.2020 | Sommer · Lifestyle

The Scent of Summer in Gstaad

The soft rippling of a mountain stream, the smell of a blooming summer meadow embedded in green forests and imposing mountain ranges – one can literally feel the gentle wind and warming rays of sunshine on the skin.

After days of holding back, one is really dreaming of a newfound freedom in the time after. A place to dream and be in nature with a touch of luxury – that is the destination Gstaad. Surrounded by hills, forests, and mountain lakes lies the picturesque village that despite its international reputation and prestigious value has remained authentic. Here tradition and being down-to-earth are still in harmony with 5-star hotels and gourmets restaurants.

Experience and enjoy nature

Just now after home office and home schooling, there is a longing for a change of scenery. The desire for unlimited freedom is something many people are experiencing nowadays. Gstaad is predestined as a place where you can do something good for yourself – a paradise for the senses, whether culinary delights or wellness for body and soul.

Personal freedom has gained enormous importance over the last few weeks. After being restricted, body and soul are slowly getting used to being more active again. A refreshing swim in a mountain lake, the first boat ride far away from overfilled lake shores or an energizing yoga out in nature will awaken the senses and create a vacation feeling. Now is the time to be inspired by all that Gstaad has to offer.