The Gstaad Hotels are ready for guests

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20. Mai 2020 | Summer · Lifestyle · Hotels

The Gstaad Hotels are ready for guests

The anticipation of summer has always been big – this year the beginning of the summer season takes on a whole new meaning. The hotels in the destination Gstaad look forward to being able to welcome their guests soon. They will be opening their doors for the coming season, some just in time for Ascension and Whitsun.

When spring awakens in the mountains, when the town appears somewhat livelier and the cows on the pastures in the valley run and jump around like foals, then the summer season is not far away. This year guests are especially excited. After the restrictions and bans, as a result of the corona virus, hotels in the destination can open their doors again. Some of the hotels are planning to re-open now, just in time for the Ascension and Whitsun holidays. A few hotels even remained open during the lockdown, while following the federal regulations. Starting now, the region should become somewhat livelier again. Additional hotels will open between the beginning of May and June and the 5-star hotels beginning of July.

Adhering to and implementing the given protective measures is important to all hotels. The risk of infection for guests and employees must naturally be kept to a minimum. At the same time, tourism can continue and there is a lot to be discovered even this summer in the destination. Breathtakingly beautiful nature, fantastic playgrounds, hikes with the most magnificent views and lots of pleasure, just to name a few examples.

Into Nature's tranquillity

This summer will be different for guests, as what they have been used to – no summer event, no large events taking place this year – yet there will be a lot more of what we actually need during vacation: relaxation, feeling good, experiences in nature. It will be a summer where stillness, beauty and the uniqueness of nature are the focus of our awareness.

There are quite a few spa and wellness offers to discover in this region. Relaxation and enjoyment have become very important this summer. Nature is our best host for this. Here we can hike, bike, feel the sun on our skin and enjoy a cool drink and local snacks on the terrace of a rustic mountain hut. A great opportunity to figure out where the day should end with a special dinner and to plan a spa treatment for the next day – this is what a vacation day in the destination could look like. Maybe also paddling with a SUP across Lake Arnen or daring to jump directly into a cold mountain lake? Showering under a waterfall – for example on the way to the Geltenhütte – or simply barbecuing amidst the mountains? Taking a fondue in your backpack and enjoying it along the way, or watching a farmer work and with a bit of luck being able to taste a local product on the spot...

The Gstaad hotels have a lot of insider tips to offer on how to turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience.