The Gstaad Bucket List for Families

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05.07.2021 | Summer · Families · Saaniland

The Gstaad Bucket List for Families

From Saaniland to the family week to the oversized sandpit – the Gstaad summer offers diverse activities for young and old. These 7 experiences definitely belong on the family “to do” list.


1. Up and away with the Saani-Express

Maybe you already asked yourself, what’s going on with that colourful gondola that recently started going up and down the Wispile. Well, it’s the Saani-Express and it’s there to take you and your friends on an entertaining ride. During the ride, a funny story is waiting for you – and so together we go with Saani and his friends on an adventure! Did you know that once you arrive on top, that there is a large playground with a petting zoo?

Experience can be booked with Gstaad Card.

2. Discover Saani’s Experience Trails

Imagine there is a violin so big that you can climb around on it. Or an instable seesaw, which you can rock back and forth on with your whole family. These are only two of the 35 stations waiting for you on Saani’s Experience Trails between Gstaad and Saanen as well as between Saanenmöser and Schönried. And at each station, Saani tells exciting stories about the sounds in nature and life in the mountains.

3. A week for families

Between 1-8 August, the destination Gstaad has many special offers for families. Whether kids’ car racing at Gstaad Palace, a visit to an alp after a concert at the Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy Discover or a legendary family hike – there is something for everyone. By the way, many hotels are offering attractive family packages during this week!

4. Race down the slide in the indoor swimming pool

Don’t worry about being bored on rainy days! The slide at the Sportzentrum Gstaad continues to be a highlight! Play water polo, dive for rings and watch the raindrops hit the water in the outdoor pool – sounds like a pretty good bad weather programme, what do you think?

Experience can be booked with Gstaad Card.

5. Downhill with a scooter

Whether after a hike or a trip to the playground with the silhouetted facades on the Rinderberg – it’s back down to the valley on two wheels. The scooter is waiting at the middle station and from there the path goes all the way down to Zweisimmen. Those who still have left over energy can visit the dragon at the village playground – by then at the latest, everyone will be tired and exhausted.

By the way, all those who were gripped by the scooter fun can enjoy other great downhill rides from the Sparenmoos and Wispile.

6. Play in the sand

In the middle of the Gstaad Promenade, the oversized sandpit invites you to play! While mum and dad can relax at «Gstaad Alive» and enjoy a toast at the bar, they can also watch their kids play wonderfully, build sand castles, use the digger or race around the Promenade on a Saani bobby car. The bar and sandpit are open until the end of August, weather permitting of course.

7. Play around on the Pistenbully

Blinking warning lights, huge caterpillars tracks and a funny joystick … there is something fascinating about a snow groomer. How cool that there is a real one (child-safe) in front of the STATION waiting to be discovered. However, it’s not worth visiting the STATION only because of it – but also because of the cranking, tinkering and fiddling going on inside. Our tip: ask about the Saani tattoos, they are the absolute hits!

Experience can be booked with Gstaad Card.

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